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The Young and the Restless Recap: Sally Asks Chloe to be COO of Newman Media

The Young and the Restless Recap for July 6, 2022
Sally Spectra, The Young and the Restless

Courtney Hope

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Abbott mansion: Jack tells Allie that everything has been set up for her internship. Jack says he wants her to feel happy and settled so she will stay in Genoa City. Allie gets a text from Noah that makes her giggle, which intrigues Jack. She explains they are hanging out with no strings. Jack is glad she has a social life that will help her balance her work life. Jack exits and Allie begins fielding texts from Noah. 

Society 1.0: Kyle meets Summer at Society and talk about the issues between Phyllis and Diane. Summer is furious with her mother. Kyle agrees that Phyllis has a special talent for getting in her own way. He reminds Summer that Phyllis hurt Jack badly, which is why he is unwilling to give her another chance. 

Chancellor Park: Phyllis arrives at J.T.’s former grave and finds Diane. Phyllis reminds Diane that people in Genoa City hold a grudge. Diane says that’s okay because her family is accepting her, especially Jack. Diane is thrilled that she and Michael are friends again, Jack has open end himself to her, and Summer even seems to want to connect. Phyllis explodes and thinks Diane is delusional. Diane thinks she’s upset because Jack refuses to reunite and everyone in her life is starting to see her for what she is. As she leaves the part, Phyllis is shouting after her - just as Jack walks up. 

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Newman Media: Sally calls Chloe and apologizes for ditching their last conversation. They agree to talk more and decide Chloe should head over to Newman Media. Chloe arrives at Sally’s office where they talk about her contentious situation with Chelsea. Sally wonders what changed in their relationship. Sally quickly shifts and wonders if Chloe actually wants out of her relationship with Chelsea. Sally says she wants Chloe to work with her as COO of Newman Media. After picking her jaw up off the floor, Chloe seems genuinely intrigued and exits saying she will get back with Sally soon. 

Newman: At Newman, Victoria explains the demise of her relationship with Ashland to Adam. Nikki is most appreciative that her daughter is home safe and sound. Just then, Victor enters and embraces Victoria. She explains she decided to end her nightmare in her own way. She believes that Ashland loved her in his own way, but he’s a man who is used to building his fortune on lies. She has rectified the situation and everything has been taken care of. Adam looks completely amused by Victoria and Victor gives him a signal to calm himself. Victoria explains how she bilked Ashland out of 250 million dollars and thinks she has rid the family of his toxic presence. Nicholas, of all people, is the voice of reason when he reminds everyone it would be silly to underestimate Ashland after all he’s done. 

Society 2.0: Diane meets with Kyle and Summer about her new job at Marchetti. Jack walks in and is clearly annoyed with Diane, but also wants to be supportive as she declares her desire to make everyone proud. 

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