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Days of Our Lives Recap: Shawn and Baby Are Saved By The Belle

Days of Our Lives Recap For July 7, 2022
Shawn Brady, Belle Black, Days of Our Lives

Brandon Beemer, Martha Madison

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

DiMera mansion: Belle is looking at the program from Abigail’s funeral when EJ arrives. He guzzles a drink and discusses how worried he is about Chad and the kids. EJ is distraught with all the power hungry moves he’s made since he returned to town.

The two discuss his previous affair with Abigail. Belle thinks Chad will eventually need EJ to be his brother and give him some time. EJ’s phone rings with news of Clyde’s arrest. He wants to go to the police station. Belle stops EJ and says that no one else knows about his theory that Clyde tried to kill him. He leaves as Chloe arrives.

Belle tells Chloe that Clyde was arrested. She is immediately worried about Nancy, but maybe it’s the wake up call she needs. In other news, Chloe needs to talk to Belle about a conversation Brady had with Shawn Douglas. Long story short, Brady is very worried about Belle being with EJ and came close to coming over the previous night to confront them. Belle says he would have found her in bed with EJ.

Chloe is very intrigued, but is also concerned about Samantha Gene’s reaction. Belle has dealt with Sami her entire life and now it’s time for Sami to deal with her. Belle explains the funeral led both of them to be vulnerable and they comforted each other… nekkid. With that, Chloe heads out to warn Nancy. Just then, Belle’s phone beeps with a voicemail from Shawn Douglas. He loves her and Claire in case anything happens. She tracks his phone to the docks.

Salem PD: Rafe is talking to Chad and tells him that Clyde gave Nancy Abigail’s bracelet, but how did he get it? As would be expected, Chad hightails it into the interrogation room and attacks him. Clyde swears he’s innocent and he bought Abigail’s jewelry from “some guy.” Rafe and Chad leave Clyde alone with his thoughts.

Rafe fills Chad in how he set him up so Clyde would freak out. He says he doesn’t think Clyde actually killed Abigail. Just then, EJ arrives. He tells them the entire story about the night he was “killed.” Chad is FREAKING OUT! EJ says he didn’t tell anyone because Clyde threatened his family. Chad LOSES HIS S*** and GOES IN on EJ. He will NEVER forgive him.

Rafe decides it’s time to be snarky as he challenges EJ’s story. Chad follows up and questions why Clyde would have wanted EJ dead to begin with - what secrets does Clyde hold? This wasn’t about doing the right thing. It’s about EJ doing damage control.

Outside the Brady Pub: Leo and Nancy are talking outside the pub. Leo is ribbing Nancy about Clyde’s recent arrest. Nancy just wants Leo to go away, but she does fill him in on the stolen bracelet, which freaks Leo out. He begins to ask all kinds of questions and Nancy tells him the bracelet was Abigail’s - and she was murdered for it. Leo looks like he is on the verge of a breakdown and flashes back to his dealings with Clyde. Just as Nancy starts to figure out that something is going on with Leo, Chloe arrives and Leo exits.

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University Hospital: Jan Spears is packing up the wee baby Shawn Christian and sneaks out of the hospital. Shawn Douglas arrives to find that Jan and the baby have left the building. His phone rings. It's Evan who overhears Shawn Douglas yelling for help because Jan kidnapped his son.

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Statesville: Orpheus walks in on Evan freaking out and wants to know what the hell is wrong. Evan quickly ruins daddy’s day by telling him he told Jan to bring him his baby tonight. Orpheus thinks even Jan has better sense than to do that. Evan lets him know he’s blackmailing her with the information about the baby’s paternity. He further explains he overheard Shawn Douglas saying that Jan took their child. Orpheus is overwhelmed by the enormity of Evan’s stupidity. Why would Jan commit a crime and return to prison?

The Docks: Jan thinks she and her baby will sail off into the sunset. She calls Shawn Douglas and says he needs to come to the docks or he will never see his son again. Shawn Douglas arrives and Jan fills him in on her plan.

Shawn Douglas wants her to give him the baby. Jan Spears tosses their bundle of joy into the air and he dives to grab him, but it is really a sack of oranges. The baby is already on board the boat. Shawn D grabs the baby and Jan goes upside his head with an oar. When he awakens, they will be a family on their boat.

Just then, Belle arrives. Jan tries to knock her out and they go at it. Belle finally knocks Jan across the skull and she falls into the river. Shawn D awakens and Belle grabs the baby from the boat. Shawn D asks where Jan is and she flippantly says she’s in the water. He jumps in to try and save her.

We begin the end of our day in Salem with EJ returning to the DiMera mansion, pouring another stiff drink, and asking Stefano’s portrait if he heard his confrontation with Chad.

Rafe returns to the interrogation room and tells Clyde to get some rest in his cell. He’ll need it as they will review the very interesting story he just heard from EJ. Chad remains in the main office because he doesn’t understand why Clyde isn’t being arrested for Abigail’s murder. He decides to go, but thinks it’s a good idea to tell the Chief of Police that Clyde Weston is facing a death sentence whether or not he legally pays for this crime.

Chloe talks AT Nancy and reminds her that Clyde is on probation and this arrest should trigger his return to prison. Nancy counters by saying he will use whatever information he has to free himself and implicate the real murderer. Leo stands nearby, listening to what they are saying. The wheels are turning in his head as a nearby fireworks show lights his face.

Orpheus reminds Evan his son is their ticket out of Statesville. This situation requires delayed gratification. Evan says he understands.

Shawn D returns from the water without any sign of Jan Spears. The fireworks show begins while Belle holds the baby and is clearly disturbed as she glares into the murky water.

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