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Steve Burton on DAYS: Beyond Salem Role: "He Does Some Not Nice Things in This Chapter"

Steve Burton, General Hospital, Daytime Emmys 2021

Steve Burton (ex-Jason, General Hospital) is currently headed Beyond Salem. Premiering July 11 on Peacock, the streaming series is bringing back DAYS fan faves and introducing new characters alike. He chatted with Deadline about leaving GH and reprising the role of Harris Michaels on Beyond Salem.

How would Burton describe Harris today? He dished:

He’s not operating on a code of ethics that is great. [Co-executive producer] Albert [Alarr] was like, 'Do you care about being a bad guy?' I said, 'No, man. Whatever. I can play anything.' I don’t know how much I can say but he does some not nice things in this chapter. There may be some redemption.

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Is there a chance Harris could head to Salem on the main show? Burton explained:

I don’t know. You really have to ask [head writer] Ron Carlivati and Albert. From what I gather, Peacock’s happy with this, NBC’s happy with this. But if the opportunity’s there, sure. I never say never. You know, for a while, daytime was kind of in the dumps. Until streaming came along, daytime was hanging by a string. Then NBC goes, 'Hey, we have a great brand here. Let’s let’s do a spinoff.' Now there is such great energy in the building. They just have this energy like, 'Hey, we’re doing something cool.' I had a blast and got to see a bunch of old friends that I haven’t seen for a while ‘cuz obviously the daytime community’s small and we only see each other at award events.

Asked about vaccination regulations on soaps, Burton said:

Whatever you believe or not believe about Covid, there has to be protocols in place. At GH we are having great success. Everybody was social distancing, masking. It’s the same thing at Days. And they can take tests there, which is smart, every day when you go in. It hasn’t relaxed and I don’t think it should for a little while. [Note: Burton declined to reveal his vaccination status.]