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WATCH: Beyond Salem's Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso Dish Favorite DAYS Memories (VIDEO)

Ahead of their reunion on Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem's July 11 premiere on Peacock, Days of Our Lives vets Peter Reckell (Bo) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) are answering fan questions. They looked back on some of their favorite moments working together in a cute Q&A.

Alfonso remembered:

One of my favorites where we just killed ourselves laughing was, we had a bed scene and Bo had silk pajamas on a silk bed and I was in bed…So Bo was supposed to jump in bed—Hope in bed with one sheet wrapped around her for protection and then another sheet pulled up—but the sheet underneath wasn’t truly protective.

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Anyway, Bo Pete—no, I had a bathing suit top on, but I didn’t want to reveal it in case it took the take—so Pete jumps in bed, like running start, and he’s supposed to jump in, like, 'Oh, I’m here,' and the only thing is, he jumped in and he slid by me and he was trying to hang on to the sheet. And he took me with him and he fell off the bed and then I fell off the bed on top of him and the lamp fell on top of me. We’ve laughed a lot. Those are our best backstage memories.

Reminiscing on their characters' 1985 wedding, Reckell recalled:

Anyway, in London, I got to the wedding on a horse, not a motorcycle, which was fun because I grew up with horses.

Watch the actors catch up below.