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Perkie's Observations: Liz Checks Herself Out of Shadybrook and Thinks She's Ready For Work on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 8, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Chase wonders if his relationship with Brook Lynn is unhealthy. She agrees they bring out the worst in each other. Brook Lynn swears she just wants to help him because she feels responsible for his suspension. She tries to convince him to sing while he's waiting to hear back from the PCPD. Chase isn't interested until Brook Lynn shows him Leo's social media with Chase's song. Brook Lynn claims she can make Chase a household name.

Gregory's article complains about the non-objectivity of The Invader and Alexis defends her paper.

Kevin tells Finn that Liz signed herself out against his recommendation. Finn wonders if it was premature, but Kevin believes Liz has a good support system at home.

Liz shows up at the hospital, and tells Terry and Britt know she's ready for duty. Britt says she has to get the all clear from human resources. Liz argues and is rude to Britt, who warns Liz to leave while she's still employed. Liz counters that she can't be fired and turns to Terry for backup.

Terry tells Liz she's out of line and is standing by Britt's decision. Terry says Liz isn't ready to come back to work and needs to go talk to HR. Liz reminds her that she was at Shadybrook voluntarily and claims she's ready. Liz says she shouldn't have to justify herself to anyone as Finn arrives.

Liz tells Finn she's much better and swears she's not a danger to anyone. Finn wonders why she didn't tell anyone she was discharging herself. Finn says he gave her the space she asked for while she was at Shadybrook. Liz says she's had time to think and believes her life is better with Finn in it. The two share a kiss. Liz apologizes for everything and swears it's all behind them.

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Britt complains to Terry about Liz's bad behavior and that she can't come to work that way.

Olivia thanks Cody for being friendly with Leo. . Ned tells Cody that he checked out his background and noticed he doesn't stay in one place for long. Cody promises this is the job that he truly wants and promises he's not going anywhere.

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Olivia tells Ned about Carly losing her half of the hotel and how she'll hate working with whoever will replace her. Ned offers to buy it and sell it back to Carly but Olivia says Carly won't go for it.

Britt and Cody both get a text from Society Setups, telling them that they're the perfect match for each other (Sure. An OB-GYN and co-chief of staff and a grifter. Time to start using a different app, Britt.)

Victor lets Anna know that he overheard her on the phone, investigating Valentin's hospital stay. He wonders if Valentin knows that Anna is spying on him and questions their relationship. Anna counters with Victor's own plans for Valentin.

Victor claims he's just trying to bring all of his family together but Anna asks why. Victor pushes about why she was calling the clinic but Anna has no intention of saying anything. Victor believes Valentin just thinks of Anna as a diversion. Anna says she and Valentin go back a long way ans she's been there for him. Victor says he trusts Valentin but not her.

Anna gets a callback from the clinic with confirmation that Valentin was there, but not during the dates she was told. She's told that Valetin discharged himself after a week, despite telling Anna that he'd been there longer.

Valentin runs into Laura and makes small talk. When Laura steps away to take a call, Valentin puts something in her drink. Laura mentions that she got a text from Charlotte, who's doing well. Then brings up the fact that Anna thinks she's found the good in him.

Valentin has a change of heart and when Laura goes to take a drink, he knocks it out of her hand as Kevin arrives. Valentin apologizes, saying he hasn't been sleeping well lately, causing him to be clumsy.

Kevin tells Laura that Liz left Shadybrook and he's worried about her.

Valentin heads back to Victor and tells him that Laura is fine because he failed. Victor warns him that failure is not an option.

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