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DAYS: Beyond Salem's Christopher Sean on Paul: "He is Going to Have Quite The Story"

Christopher Sean

Heading Beyond Salem this week is Days of Our Lives alum Christopher Sean (ex-Paul). The actor dished reprising his fan-favorite role for the next chapter of Peacock's popular streaming series with TV Insider.

Is Paul still the same man that viewers fell in love with? Sean explained:

I think, you know, in time, everybody grows; everybody changes, Paul especially. Paul grows quite a bit. I find that Paul's character is definitely, definitely, definitely going to have a lot of growth, and he's also going to have—how do I put this? He is going to have quite the story to unfold and tell as to what happened before and what will happen on the show.

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He said:

There's some amazing new faces on the show, some of which are friends of mine. Remington Hoffman [Li] is awesome. There's a gentleman named Colton Little; he's amazing. Victoria Grace. There's so many great new faces in the show and great representation of diversity, which we're very, very proud of.

What can fans expect from Paul? Sean previewed:

There is a mystery plot and there are people that Paul loves who are taken from him. He’s doing everything he can with all the resources that John’s [Drake Hogestyn] provided to be able to help those people. Paul is always going to do the best that he can to make the honorable choice, even if that means sacrificing himself.