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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Finn Vows to Escape and Make His Way Back to Steffy

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for July 11, 2022
Dr. John Finnegan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Tanner Novlan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Brooke's Lair: Brooke and Ridge are relaxing on her sofa basking in the afterglow of their reunion. Ridge says he’s happy to be home and they kiss. Brooke thinks he’s still worried about Taylor.

RJ sent them a text (they remembered RJ!) saying he is cautiously optimistic about their reunion. Ridge laughs and also notes that Donna and Eric seem very happy. They return briefly to talking about Taylor, who has nothing to look forward to. Brooke reminds him how all this is Sheila’s fault. Ridge is afraid that Taylor is vulnerable and someone will take advantage of her. Brooke wonders if he worried about Taylor when she was half way around the world. She then draws her into a hug and they kiss.

Il Giardino: Taylor is somewhat startled by seeing Deacon at Il Giardino…where he works. Taylor wonders if Sheila has contacted him. He assures her she has been radio silent. He gets that she is still worried about her family.

They sit down to chat and Deacon says how sorry he is for everything that happened. Taylor thanks him for saving Steffy’s life. He did good. They giggle when Taylor turns all therapist on him. Although Deacon doesn’t love Ridge, he says he heard how he was very supportive. Taylor updates Deacon that Ridge moved back in with Brooke.

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Deacon thinks it will be even harder to see Hope and Beth since he’s banned from the property. Ridge is there and he doesn’t have his own place to live. Deacon wants to talk about Hope, but isn’t terribly comfortable. Taylor reminds him of her profession. They compare notes about their times with Brooke and Ridge. Taylor reminds him that Brooke and Ridge will always return to one another.

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Sheila Hospital: Sheila gives Finn water. He thanks her, but she stops him because his condition is her fault…even thought it was an accident. Finn gets furious and she explains how she snapped because Steffy was going to keep her away from him and her grandson. She promises she won’t do anything like that again.

Inside his head, Finn says she is evil and will never get near his family again. He needs to get out of this room and go back home to his family. At the same time, Sheila is begging for his forgiveness. Out loud, he says he believes she loves him.

He thinks he should be in the hospital. Sheila explains how the medical staff gave up on him, but his mother didn't and she didn’t. She’s a nurse and he should trust her.\

Internally, he says he will never trust her. He wonders about his medicine. She explains she didn’t want to leave him alone. He says he can tell her what to get if she will just go. She doesn’t want to go and reminds him that he has a long recovery ahead. He begs her to get medicine and calls her “mom”. She kisses him on the forehead and makes her way out the door. After she’s gone, Finn starts to move and says out loud that he’s coming for Steffy.

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