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Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap: Hope Gets Engaged And Bo Gets Antsy

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap for July 12, 2022
Hope brady, Beyond Salem

Kristian Alfonso

On today’s Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap:

Monte Carlo: A woman in red (looking very much like Kristen DiMera) is reading a story about Kristen DiMera being incarcerated in Salem when a man across the bar asks her name. His name is Phil, but she won’t reveal her name. He buys her another glass of champagne and reveals he is a poker player who won a very valuable artifact last night. The woman in red asks if they can take their conversation upstairs. He doesn’t hesitate and they head on up and sip on some scotch.

As looks for some “protection” he opens his suitcase revealing a prism. He reaches up her skirt and is very surprised to find something very different than expected. The woman in red head butts him and gets undressed to reveal that she is, in fact, Thomas Banks. Phil is now dead and Thomas has made off with the prism.

San Francisco: Paul seems a little tongue-tied by Andrew, but eventually invites him in. Shane sent Andrew because he’s working on the case of his two friends' abductions. Paul is beside himself and Andrew puts his hand on his shoulder to comfort him. They decide to get to work tracking the movements of Harris Michaels, which lead them to a local gym. They change into their conveniently available gym clothes and check in with the guy at the front desk - Chris Kositchek (well played, Beyond Salem). He’s owned the gym for forty years. He gives them free passes and tells them to check the hot tub - it is to die for.

Andrew and Paul get shirtless and head to the hot tub. Paul has his doubts, but Andrew tells him to get in and trust him. Just then, a worker comes in to mess with the electricity.

Paul and Andrew discuss how amazing John is as a father and an ally. Andrew concurs. Paul seems surprised and quite tickled to learn this information. Meanwhile, the electrician continues to work and pulls a lever, shutting off the hot tub. Andrew and Paul jump out of the hot tub and take him down. Chris arrives with apologies. Andrew and Paul retrieved a key from the dastardly electrician, unlocking Harris Michaels’ locker. They find two invitations to the DiMera Enterprises gala in Hong Kong.

Caracas: Megan Hathaway stands between her two captives. She is impressed that John recognizes her since she “left” Salem before either of them arrived. John recalls she didn’t so much leave as she was murdered by Larry Welch. She says she is every bit the Phoenix her father once was. John wants to know who the “robo-prick” was who kidnapped them. Steve is concerned he will go after their families. Not to worry, Megan says he has another woman on his mind.

Megan tells John and Steve they are at the DiMera family compound in Caracas, Venezuela where she has been living for the past few decades. John and Steve get a little punchy with Megan, who laughs and thinks they have such bravado for two restrained senior citizen super spies (damn, Megan!). She reminds them the hot tub Larry Welch fried her in was meant for Hope. They want to know how she survived. Megan explains Stefano had her placed in a cryogenic state until he could determine a way to heal her injuries. They’ve all done the Lazarus dance. Megan thinks history is about to repeat itself.

John and Steve continue to try and understand what’s happening when Thomas Banks arrives with the prism. In turn, Megan transfers payment into his account. There are two others being retrieved by others. Thomas leaves as Megan says she’ll have another job for him soon. The three prisms were developed by Larry Welch’s father Victor Chorvat. When the three are combined, the prisms will reveal technology that will potentially cure all kinds of diseases. Stefano thought they were the key to eternal life. (Did John just say Stefano is deadio?)

She’s done answering their questions. She needs them to head to Hong Kong to retrieve the third prism. Why would they do that? Megan seems to think they will soon be ready and willing to do her bidding.

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Montreal: Hope is kissing Boating Officer Pizza Guy turned French Beret wearing dude Michaels, while being side-eyed by Ciara and Ben. Hope introduces Commander Harris Michaels - a Navy SEAL.

They met while Hope was island-hopping in Greece. They got a bit drunk and took a walk on the beach, where he heard all about them and other family members, like Eli and CLAIRE. (Celebrate the small victories Claire!)

Ciara says that’s interesting because they haven’t heard one word about him - strange since they’ve been seeing each other for over a year. Harris tells them he used to live in Salem. In fact, he dated Eve Donovan and feels badly for how he treated her back then. Hope reminds him, and everyone else, that he’s one of the good guys.

Harris and Ben return from seeing the wee baby Bo. He thinks it’s amazing they named him after his grandfather - he has heard how wonderful OG Bo was? Harris offers to make them lunch and Hope says he’s a killer in the kitchen. Harris heads out to grab food. In the hall, Harris makes a call saying Ben and Ciara showed up. He says he’s not going to let anyone stand in the way of what they have planned for Hope.

Ben and Ciara loved Harris’ food, and are further impressed with his tiramisu skills - Ciara’s favorite dessert.

Heaven: Bo tells Ciara to give ‘em hell! Angela arrives to correct Bo’s language. He trips over the words douchebag and asshole before settling on character. He doesn’t think this character has good intentions. How can Bo stop him? Angela reminds him that Hope isn’t his wife, and they weren’t even married when he transitioned. Besides, this is what he gets for hot-wiring the livestream. They check back in just in time to see Harris cozying up to Hope, and attempting to charm Ciara and Ben. Angela thinks Harris seems nice, but, again, Bo is not so sure. Harris’ hallway phone call confirms his suspicions. He begs Angela to let him go help her.

Seattle: Joey and Tripp return to the apartment wondering what the hell is going on. Joey assures Tripp that Uncle Shane will figure it out. Just then, they hear a noise indicating they are not alone in the apartment.

An intruder appears and she knocks Tripp in the crotch before Joey restrains her. Tripp grabs his phone to call the ISA when she says her name is Wendy Shin. They ask her why she’s there and what she knows about Steve’s disappearance. She knows nothing, but is just trying to make a name for herself with DiMera. Her brother is Li Shin. She works in IT in Alaska. Why is she there? She is looking for Harris Michaels because he could lead her to one of the prisms her brother has been searching for. She says that in the right hands, these prisms can revolutionize medicine. He is set to reveal this discovery at a gala in Hong Kong.

Joey and Tripp deduce that Wendy is trying to make good with her brother so she can get out of the IT department in Alaska, but they still don’t understand why someone with her last name is relegated to such a menial job. She says they wouldn’t understand because they are cis white men. Joey understands because he has overachieving siblings as well. They all kind of flirt and then Tripp suggests they all hop a flight to Hong Kong.

Endings: Ben and Ciara are about to go for a walk when Harris gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring to propose marriage. Hope looks hesitant, raises THE eyebrow, and says yes.

Bo is freaked out and calls Harris a son of a bitch. He has to go back! Angela reminds him it’s impossible. Bo wants to talk to “the big man” himself. 

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