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Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap: Pride Partying, Pineapple Pizza, and a DiMera Daughter Returns

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap for July 11, 2022
Paul Narita, John Black, Beyond Salem

Christopher Sean, Drake Hogestyn

On today’s Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap: 

Somewhere in the Mediterranean One Year Ago: Two men are in the middle of the sea awaiting their compatriot, who is in the water searching for something. As they are ready to leave, he reemerges and pulls a gun on them. He thinks they have double crossed him. They tell him an unknown woman staying at a local hotel may have taken whatever they are looking for prior to their arrival. Her name was “Brady”. The man who reemerged from the water shoots them and takes off in the boat.

Montreal - Present Day: Ben and Ciara anchor “Living in Cin”. They’ve been sailing for over a week. As they make out, Hope (squeal!) arrives to greet them! As Hope and Ciara get reacquainted, they introduce her to her grandson, Bo. The wee baby Bo puts his head on grandma Hope’s shoulder and says grandpa Bo is looking down from heaven smiling upon them. Just then, Bo, watching from heaven, agrees with her.

Back at Hope’s apartment, the wee baby Bo cries and grandma Hope tries to comfort him. Ciara very sternly snatches him away. Hope apologizes for not being there when the baby was born. Ciara gets snarky and Ben tries to stop her, but she wants to know what Hope has been doing for the past two years. Ben decides to put the wee baby Bo down so Ciara and Hope can talk. Ciara wants to know where she’s been.

Hope reminds her they all thought she was dead, but then they reunited in South Africa - for a day and a half. Ciara was praying she would show up for her actual wedding. What was so important? Hope said she needed some time alone to find herself. Ciara says that is total bullshit. Even her dead father found a way to visit her, then explains what happened. She says so many people needed Hope when she wasn’t around. Hope snatches Ciara Alice back and tells her she loves everyone.

Hope explains that Ciara, Shawn Douglas, and the wee baby Bo are more important to her than anyone in this world. (Poor Claire.) She begs Ciara not to judge her too harshly. They embrace, cry, and make up. Now that they’ve made up, Ciara wants Hope to tell her all about Montreal. Just then, the wee baby Bo cries and Ciara checks on him. Hope thanks her for understanding and retires to the bedroom. AS she leaves, Hope pulls a key from under the lamp and pulls out an ISA file.

Heaven: Bo is watching from heaven when suddenly the picture goes out. An angel named Angela reprimands Bo for his language and tells him he’s lost his streaming privileges. He broke the rules by bringing Tripp Johnson back from the dead.

Bo explains to Angela that he saved Tripp because of his experience with Zach’s early death. Angela explains how she got in trouble because he overstepped his boundaries. Bo is bored. Angela tries to give him suggestions for ways to occupy his time. Bo says his only interest is watching his family. He wants to share in their happiness. It’s all bullshit! Angela says it wasn’t his choice to make! She’s furious because Bo took the livestream and spied on Hope. From now on, it’s off limits!

After Angela leaves, Bo decides he can rig the stream to work and succeeds! Bo watches and knows Hope is lying to Ciara about being in Montreal so she can return to figure skating. He watches her pull an ISA file from under the lamp and wonders what the hell Fancy Face is up to.

San Francisco: It’s gay pride party time! John Black is decked out in pride colors and dancing around with a bunch of scantily clad men! Just then, Marlena calls. The crowd boos when he asks for the music to be turned down because his wife is on the phone. He apologizes for missing Sami and Lucas’ wedding.

Just then, Paul arrives with a keg. John of course, knows how to tap a keg (giggle). Paul says he’s working that “silver fox magic”. Suddenly, the silver fox begins to show off his dance moves and Paul takes off his shirt.

Later, the party is shutting down. The DJ thinks daddy John is a sexy ally and needs to come to the club the next time he’s in town. John whole-heartedly agrees. Now that everyone is gone, they need to clean up, but decide a little more dancing is in order.

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After everything is clean, they decide to share the last unopened beer. Paul thanks John for being so supportive. John says he couldn’t love him less if he came out as straight (teehee). John asks if Paul has someone special - not so much for now. Just then, a knock on the door reveals the man from the boat in a police uniform.

The Boating Officer got a noise complaint about the party. John isn’t sure Officer Michaels (I read his badge) is on the up and up. He thinks maybe there’s a homophobia issue. Officer Michaels says Mr. Black is going to have to come with him. He then tasers John and tries to subdue Paul who beats the fool out of him. Paul moves to John to see if he’s ok. At that point, Officer Michaels takes the keg and knocks Paul out. As Paul awakens, he sees his apartment in shambles, the front door open and John gone. He calls the actual police and they think that Paul is a victim of alcohol and Pride week. Paul picks up the badge Officer Michaels was wearing and shows it to them. They agree that it’s a fake, but a good one. 

Seattle: Tripp is sitting on Stephanie and Joey’s sofa watching baseball when there is a knock at the door. It’s Steve and Kayla! Stephanie and Joey emerge, and are thrilled to see their parents. All the Johnsons are together again! 

The Johnsons tour Seattle ,which has left them very hungry and thirsty. Kayla suggests staying in for pizza and beer. They also decide to play a little trivia game. Just then, there's a knock on the door. When Tripp opens the door, he sees the pizza guy, who is also Officer Michaels, who is also the guy from the boat. They ordered five pizzas for five people because they can never agree on toppings.

When Steve finally gets up and looks at Boating Officer Pizza Guy, he clearly is suspicious. When he opens his pizza box, it explodes. Kayla makes sure everyone is okay. Stephanie has been knocked out cold - her pulse is faint and weakening. Just then, they realize that Steve is gone. Downstairs, Boating Officer Pizza Guy calls a woman and says he has retrieved the second package. He assures her he has them both. He knows what to do next. He shuts the van doors and takes off.

The Next Day…

Paul calls Marlena and says he will find John, and Shane Donovan is on his way. Just then, a knock on the door. It’s not Shane, but Andrew Donovan, ISA.

At the hospital, Joey, Tripp, and Kayla are standing by Stephanie’s bedside. Her condition is serious, but she should make a full recovery. She awakens and wonders why everyone looks so worried - also, where is Steve?

Steve and John regain consciousness, both tied to chairs in a random room. Neither of them have any idea what the hell is going on. Steve wonders why John has glitter in his hair. Just then, a mysterious woman walks in. She is the daughter of Stefano DiMera - Megan Hathaway.

Hope puts out breakfast as Ben and Ciara emerge from their slumber. Ben assures them he will be on baby duty. Hope asks how long they plan on staying. Ciara says they will be there for a few days. Hope seems less than thrilled, then says she has something to tell them.

Just then, the doorbell rings. At the door is Boating Officer Pizza Guy turned French Beret wearing dude Michaels. He pulls out a bouquet of flowers and says he missed her. She didn’t know he’d be back before next week. Then, they kiss.

In heaven, Bo wonders who the hell that is and what the hell is going on down there!

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