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Perkie's Observations: Olivia Discovers Someone Beat Her to Buying Out Metro Court on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 11, 2022
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Olivia Falconeri, General Hospital

Lisa LoCicero

On today's General Hospital recap: It's July 4th in Port Charles...

Cody runs into Sam and Dante by the pool and they discuss his new job at the Quartermaines.

Josslyn and Trina talk about her trial, which starts "tomorrow". Josslyn reassures Trina everything will work out, but Trina just wants to forget about the trial for a while. Rory overhears and offers to help keep her mind off of tomorrow.

Rory and Trina hang out at the park, waiting for the fireworks. He promises he'll be there for her. When the fireworks go off, the two share a kiss, which Spencer witnesses.

Nina praises Valentin for retaining his position at ELQ. Valentin mentions Carly losing her half of the hotel because of it and Nina tells him how Sonny wants to help Carly out of the hotel mess.

Valentin also commiserates with Nina about her losing visitation of Wiley. She says she's tired of being the villain and he tells her to change it. He mentions Charlotte and Nina says she's surprised about the boarding school. Valentin says it's what Charlotte wanted and he'll do anything for her. Valentin asks if Victor has approached Nina, and warns her to stay away from him.

Michael and Willow run into Sonny, and she thanks him for helping her out when she fainted at the pool, though doesn't mention the pregnancy.

Carly and her financial advisor discuss her getting another loan to buy back her half of the Metro Court. Olivia interferes and sticks her nose into it, as only Olivia can. Carly says it's the only way, but Olivia tells her to swallow her pride. Olivia says she and Ned are willing to buy out Carly's half and hang onto until she can buy it back.

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Michael and Willow show up, and are surprised to hear what Carly did. Michael offers to buy her half, but Carly refuses. Michael and Willow tell Carly about the pregnancy as Josslyn arrives, and both are thrilled.

Reggie returns with bad news for Carly and she decides she's no longer co-owner of the Metro Court.

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Maxie and Austin (who finally found his way out of the forest after two weeks) are hanging out waiting for the fireworks. Britt's tired of the cutesy-pootsie between them and wants to leave, as Spinelli joins them.

Britt heads to the pool where she runs into Cody. He brings up the fact they were matched on Society Setups. Britt points out he's not her type, but Cody just wants a fun time, so Britt agrees to one date.

Later, Cody thanks Spinelli for fixing it so Britt would be his match. He reminds Spinelli that Zelda's not the one behind the dating app, Spinelli is.

Sonny runs into Spencer and Esme, who reacts to his presence by begging Sonny not to kidnap her again. Sonny says he promised Laura, but if Esme won't tell the truth, she'd be smart to stay away from him.

Sonny asks for time alone with Spencer, and after Esme leaves, he questions what Spencer is doing. Sonny chastises Spencer for dating Esme, but he says he's standing by her. While the evidence proves she's not responsible. Spencer says he's doing the right thing and Sonny tells him to be careful.

Olivia and Sonny discuss Carly's loss and how she didn't want any help from them. Olivia says she was going to buy Carly's half anyway, but someone else got there first.
Nina shows up at Carly's door. 

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