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Sara Haines on Co-Hosting The View: "It is The Hugest of Honors"

Sara Haines, The View

She might have been absent after she tested positive for COVID-19, but Sara Haines is sharing her love of The View. In an interview with Shadow and Act Unscripted, the broadcaster explained why she feels it is an honor to sit on the panel.

Reminiscing on the show's 25 years on the air, Haines said:

When I think of The View, I honestly remember it more watching it. I spent years tuning in because there was something so powerful about watching such different women, different decades of their lives [and] different backgrounds coming together and talking about things that really mattered-- and openly so and unapologetically so. So to even fill in on the show, I don't know how many years ago, I remember thinking, 'I'm done now. I was once a guest host on The View. I'm done. [laughs] 

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So to sit at that chair and be considered a host, a part of this legacy, it is the hugest of honors. There's not a day that goes by that I don't recognize that I sit next to Whoopi [Goldberg]. Just today, I was walking out of the makeup room, and Whoopi's standing there. She was talking to someone, but no one was in the hallway. And I looked down, I go, 'Oh my God. It's Whoopi Goldberg.' And then we started laughing at each other. I go, 'Why do I never get used to that?' So I think there are reminders everywhere from the logo to the intro music that just lock you into a moment where you're like, 'I'm a part of this. How cool is that?' So it's awesome.