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Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem Recap: Hope Dies Seconds Before Bo Can Return

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap for July 13, 2022
Ciara Brady, Hope Brady, Ben Weston, Beyond Salem

Victoria Konefal, Kristian Alfonso, Robert Scott Wilson

On today’s Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap: 

Hong Kong: Gabi is admiring the view of Hong Kong while Li is admiring his view of Gabi. They are both looking forward to the gala and the presentation of the prism. She tries to get dressed, but Li is good with getting nekkid and being a little late.

Gabi and Li are sweatily basking in afterglow and discussing obtaining the other two prisms. He has a lead on guy named Phil who won one of them in a poker game. Just then, a knock on the door reveals Wendy. He introduces Gabi to his little sister. She informs him that she will be attending the gala. They begin to argue and Gabi grabs a ticket and gives it to Wendy. She says she needs two additional tickets for her two dates. Gabi is fully supportive of her bringing two cute guys.

Paul and Andrew have arrived in Hong Kong and they begin speculating who Harris Michaels’ plus one might have been. They have taken Harris’ room so they will be bunking together.

A towel-clad Paul emerges from the bathroom (oh how we’ve missed you, Christopher Sean) and Andrew has ordered them tuxedos. Paul doesn’t know how to tie a bow tie (just like his dad!). Andrew will take care of him. Paul is pretty excited to be going on a date with 007.

Side Note: They have magical chemistry.

Joey and Tripp also arrive at the hotel just in time to find out that Wendy has procured tickets to the ball.

Montreal: Harris Michaels arrives (dressed like Jason Morgan) and meets Megan at a restaurant. She is furious that he has yet to extract the prism from Hope’s greedy little hands. He clues her in to his plan to get married to see if she is playing him. Either way, he’ll get closer to the prism. 

Megan explains that once she has the three prisms, she’ll be able to save someone very important - someone she thought was lost to her for good. Before he leaves, Megan says she has another assignment for him - kill Hope Brady. Harris is not so sure. Megan is having none of his foolishness. She said, “in the name of all that’s dreary” realizing he may actually be in love with her. She gives him a reprieve and says he can wait to take her out until the honeymoon.

Side Note: Megan Hathaway is deliciously evil.

Hope is sitting in her living room, fingering her ring, and thinking of her wedding to Bo. She barges into Ben and Ciara’s room and tells them the weather is perfect for sailing and they need to get going. They follow her out trying to get an explanation of why she wants them gone. Ciara thinks it’s about Harris, and she’s not leaving until she gets answers. Knowing that Ciara is as stubborn as she is, Hope relents and says it’s too dangerous for them to stay.

Hope shows them a picture of Stefano with a prism, and then explains how it relates to the danger that exists. Hope tells them she found one of the prisms in Greece right before she met Harris. She quickly figured out he had nefarious motives. She’s trying to figure out who he’s working for. Just then, Harris returns saying he wants them to get married today. Ben and Ciara decide to stay and Hope agrees.

Ben spots Harris’ bag and attempts to rummage through it when he enters the room. Harris is clearly suspicious of Ben. When he exits, Harris pulls out his gun and makes sure it is cocked and loaded.

Hope and Ciara are at the wedding garden when she tries one more time to convince Ciara to sail away with Ben and the wee baby Bo. Ciara isn’t going anywhere and is furious that Hope is willing to say the same vows to Harris as she did to Bo.

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Side Note: What part of DiMera prism did Ciara not understand?

Hope tells Ciara that Bo is the one person who would understand why she’s doing what she’s doing.

At a nearby hotel, Megan answers the door to find Thomas Banks has arrived. She has summoned him to take aim at Hope from her window because she doesn’t trust Harris to do the job. She tells Thomas she is very sentimental. Something Old - the bride (HAHAHAHAHAHA!) and her contribution, Something New - the bullet - which she tosses to Thomas, laughs raucously, and heads out the door.

The wedding commences with Harris in his dress whites. When Hope emerges she has the prism nuzzled visibly in her cleavage. They size each other up and decide to get the festivities started. Megan is lurking behind a tree and Thomas has taken aim from the hotel window.

Heaven: Bo is once again trying to hot wire the live stream. Angela enters trying to lighten up his mood. He begs her to start the live stream again. She thinks it’s too upsetting for him to continue watching. She goes on to tell Bo that his request to meet with “the big guy” has been denied. Bo goes off on “the big guy” and Angela thinks he should have spent more time in purgatory. He apologizes as it looks like she may assist him. Angela agrees to try and help.

Angela returns and says “the big guy” has decided not to see him, but he has been granted arbitration. He needs to present his case to a judge to see if he can return to Earth. Bo heads downstairs and encounters Judge Larry Welch. Bo thinks he’s in hell, but Larry says it’s more like purgatory. He pulls out an hourglass. Bo has until the sand runs out.

Bo explains how he brought Tripp back from the dead. Larry says he broke the rules by playing God. Why should Bo get special treatment, and why are he and Hope such a big freaking deal? Bo explains their love transcends even death. Larry is bored, so Bo explains how she disappeared over a vat of acid (at the hands of the dastardly Ernesto Toscano). Before he talks about her wedding to Larry - he did not take too kindly to that memory rewind. Larry says he could have been President had they not ruined his life. Bo tries to leverage Larry’s former relationship with Hope to try and convince him to render a judgement in his favor. Larry says he will take it under advisement.

Bo returns and Angela lets him check in on Hope while she checks in with Larry.

Endings: Paul is dressed but he also doesn’t know how to put on cufflinks. A shirtless Andrew approaches, gets within kissing distance, and tells Paul just how good he looks.

Gabi and Li are ready to roll. She says how much she likes Wendy because she has a lot of attitude - just like her. Li thinks Wendy will end up screwing things up at the event.

A shirtless Tripp and Joey are fighting over the mirror when Wendy says they are both her dates for the evening so they will need to pretend to be attracted to her. She emerges in a beautiful floor length gown. The boys won’t be pretending at all.

The wedding commences and Harris agrees to take Hope as his wife. Before Hope can do the same, Ciara begs her not to go through with it. Hope shoos her away. She knows what she is doing. Hope slips the ring on Harris’ finger, and they are pronounced married.

Bo is thrilled with his little one’s gusto. Angela returns looking very much like Larry didn’t rule in his favor. She’s messing with him. Bo has been granted a second chance! She hands him a ticket and shows him the door.

As Thomas takes aim, Hope sees something glimmering in the distance and they look up towards the hotel window. At the same time, Bo has reached the door, but then turns and screams out to Hope. It’s too late - Hope is dead. 

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