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Perkie’s Observations: Carly Chooses Her Pride Over The Metro Court on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 13, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

Nina tells Carly that she bought her half of the hotel, so Cujo immediately gets her fangs out about the evil that is Nina. Nina corrects her, saying she bought the hotel for Carly, but Carly wonders what the catch is. Carly snarls and snipes and blames Nina for everything, including Elvis' death. Nina says she knows that she owes Carly and says she's been trying to make up for what she did since she's back from Nixon Falls. Carly accuses Nina of buying the hotel so that Sonny couldn't.

Carly goes on a tirade about Scotty being a big meanie to poor widdle Michael on the stand. (Holy crap I’m seriously tired of hearing that nonsense repeated. Get over yourselves with that trial nonsense, writers). Carly refuses to accept Nina’s offer. 

Olivia says she should have bought Carly's half of the hotel, but Sonny says she can't blame herself. When Drew arrives they ask him if he was the buyer, but he denies it. Drew mentions trying to convince Nina to buy Crimson in order to get the money for Carly. He feels responsible and says he should never have allowed Carly to invest in Aurora.

Drew and Olivia discuss ELQ, and Olivia finally (FINALLY) takes Ned's side, pointing out that by the time it was all said and done, there would have been no place for Ned after the merger. Drew accuses Ned of being selfish by siding with Valentin. Olivia says she stands by Ned (when it's convenient, of course) and wishes the family members weren't always at odds. Drew says he didn't deserve what Ned did, but Olivia tells him to get used to it and learn to forgive.

A hospitalized Sasha is worried about the fallout from her breakdown on television. Gladys drops by to tell her that Deception is being handled. Sasha says she wants to go home tomorrow and back to normal. Brando says they need to discuss treatment options for when she's released. He mentions the pills, but Sasha claims it was a one time deal. Gladys says she told Brando the truth, that Sasha was taking pills to get through the IPO. Sasha swears that she's done with the pills, but Brando doesn't trust her. Brando accuses Sasha of lying to him and asks if she was using drugs when they got married. Sasha swears she wasn't high when she said her vows, though she was high the morning of. She claims she needed something for stress and pressure, but swears it's over now. Brando mentions rehab and says she needs more help than he can give.

Sonny heads to the hospital and checks in with Gladys, who says she knew Sasha was struggling but she didn't tell Brando. Sonny disagrees, saying Gladys stepped up for Sasha and Mike would have been proud of her.

Sasha doesn't want to see Sonny, so Brando speaks with him, saying he doesn't know what to do to help her. Sonny tells him to keep showing up and that Sasha will eventually start listening. 

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Sasha begs Gladys to be on her side and promises to take more down time from work. Gladys reminds her of what happened, but Sasha says it was because of the baby carrier. Gladys points out that Sasha can't go through life being triggered by infant things and needs help processing Liam's death. Sasha says she doesn't need rehab.

Trina wonders if the kiss was just a distraction, but Rory says they need to kiss again to check. The two admit they like each other a lot, but Trina says it can't happen again. Rory wonders if she's still hung up on Spencer, but Trina swears there is nothing there. Trina says if she's convicted, there is no future for her and Rory. Rory tells her to enjoy the here and now. 

Curtis overhears part of Portia's phone conversation with the genetic specialist's office, but she claims it was patient-related. Curtis says he has a lead in Trina's case and has the name and number of the bartender, and believes he's the one who sold Esme the phone. Curtis says the bartender hasn't been back to work, but promises that they'll find him. Portia continues to worry, since the trial starts tomorrow.

While Curtis takes a call, Marshall thanks Portia for letting him stay with them. Portia says it took courage for Marshall to let them know about his diagnosis. Portia asks about his symptoms and how young he was when they started. Marshall says his only symptom was paranoia.

Curtis tells them that his contact has managed to get the information they need and Taggert will help him check them out. They're hoping to have the evidence to clear Trina before her trial starts tomorrow. 

Carly tells Olivia and Drew about Nina buying the hotel for her. She is certain it has to do with Wiley and she turned down Nina's offer. Olivia's upset since it means she has to work with Nina (who apparently has cooties, based on everyone's reaction). 

Drew points out that Carly has turned down three offers to bail her out, but Carly says she won't accept a dime from Nina (because then she wouldn't be able to lord her greatness over Nina anymore). Carly admits she's feeling lost and doesn't know what to do with it. (Maybe go on a month long vacation. I know I need a break from her.)

Sonny asks Nina if she bought the hotel. Nina admits she did, but Carly turned her down, accusing her of being self-serving, which Sonny agrees with. Nina says she wanted to repair some of the damage she's caused. She wanted to make things easier for them to move forward with all the pain behind them. Sonny says they need to put the past behind them and he wants to be with Nina.

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