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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Taylor and Deacon Develop Mad Chemistry While They Lick Their Wounds

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for July 13, 2022
Taylor Hayes, The Bold and the Beautiful

Krista Allen

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Finn's hidden room: Finn continues his internal dialogue and is focused on getting back to Steffy. He is trying so hard to get up when Sheila comes back into the room. She wonders what he is doing. He says he was testing his ability to move, but he can’t.

Sheila wants to lay down a few ground rules. Number 1 - he is not to move. Sheila admits she wasn’t able to get meds because it’s too risky. Just then, Mike arrives. Sheila has a job for him. Mike wants Sheila to make some new friends. Finn hears Sheila talking to Mike and wonders what his relationship to Sheila is. Mike continues to challenge Sheila and he reminds him what happened the last time he tried to cross her - cue the flashback. They shake off the flashback and Sheila begs Mike to get Finn’s meds.

Brooke's mansion: Ridge and Brooke are still making out. She is thrilled to have him home. He wants to take care of her and protect her, but he also needs to make sure Taylor is protected. Ridge thinks Sheila had Taylor on her radar from the very beginning. He is still furious that Sheila escaped. They both wonder who would have helped her.

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Ridge calls Chief Baker. He suddenly arrives at the house so Ridge can berate him in person. Brooke adds that her escape is so very frustrating. Chief Baker assures them that capturing Sheila is his number one priority. Ridge is so very Ridge and continues to berate him. Chief Baker ignores Ridge and tells Brooke he thinks this was an inside job. Brooke continues to ask about the guard with the last name of Guthrie.

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Il Giardino: Taylor and Deacon continue to have MAD CHEMISTRY whilst engaging about Ridge and Brooke’s dysfunction. She wonders how he feels about all of this foolishness. Deacon wonders if she actually cares. Taylor says she actually does. She understands that he wanted a future with Brooke. New Year’s Eve didn’t completely happen because Brooke got “drunk.”

Deacon smiles and kind of kicks the ground like a fourteen year old with a new crush and says that it’s nice talking to Taylor. She reciprocates with adorable sarcasm. Deacon says that Taylor is fun. She agrees, but also says he’s still dangerous. He thanks her for listening. Deacon thinks they should both feel like losers. Taylor wants them to both believe that they are not losers. THEY ARE ADORABLE!

Taylor gets serious and says the way Finn died should tell them that life is short. Deacon can’t believe he actually believed in Sheila. Taylor takes the heat off him by reminding him that she was also duped. Taylor decides to make her exit but asked Deacon to call her if he hears anything. 

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