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Days of Our Lives Recap: Lucas’ Dream Wedding Turns Into a Nightmare

Days of Our Lives Recap for July 13, 2022
Lucas Horton, Days of Our Lives

Bryan Dattilo

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Beginnings: EJ once again pours himself a drink and toasts Stefano’s portrait. Belle walks in and wants to day drink with him. He pulls out another bottle and pours her one. They drink to the happy couple. 

Samantha and Lucas (in tears) are exchanging vows with Eric guiding the ship. They place the rings on their fingers. As Eric is about to pronounce them married, Chad arrives and attacks Lucas. He thinks Lucas killed Abigail because she found out Lucas kidnapped Sami. 

Like sands through the hourglass…

Misery Has Sex With Company: Belle wonders what in the hell they are drinking. EJ explains it’s from Stefano’s stash. They toast to Lucas and Sami’s wedding (or as EJ calls it - Sami wedding to the human doorstop). He decides to send Lucas a bottle of champagne for taking Sami off his hands. A drunk EJ can’t stop playing out the dreaded wedding day.

They shift topics to talk about Belle’s encounter with Jan Spears. She reviews the story with EJ who wonders why oars were present on a cabin cruiser (good question). Belle doesn’t know whether Jan Spears is dead or getting ready to stage the comeback of the year. Meanwhile, the wee baby Shawn Christian needs parenting. Belle can’t possibly parent Jan Spears’ child. 

The chemistry laden couple start talking about themselves and how misery loves company. They drink to what they have in common and begin to ravage each other on the sofa. 

Chickens Always Come Home to Roost:  Sami thinks Chad is crazed and leaning into EJ’s lies. Johnny defends EJ and Allie defends Lucas. Sami doesn’t understand why Chad is trying to ruin her special day. Chad RAGES and says he has his own evidence when Lucas and Kate step in. Chad will not be stopped and wants Lucas to tell the story. Everyone looks at Chad skeptically…until the tide begins to turn. Lucas admits he framed EJ and he’s not sorry about it. 

Sami wants everyone to be quiet until everything is settled. She doesn’t care that Lucas framed EJ. They hate each other, and EJ would have framed Lucas if he had thought of it first. Chad continues because he’s trying to rescue Sami. He thinks it’s time for Lucas to man up and admit what he did. Sami doesn’t care. She wants to wrap up the wedding and move on with her life. 

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Lucas tearfully admits that he actually kidnapped Sami. Johnny wants to attack Lucas and Marlena admits she is stunned. Sami just wants to know why he would do such a thing. Lucas admits he knew she was always thinking about EJ. He never hurt her and made sure she would be safe. She sarcastically says she is so grateful he kept her safe. Lucas didn’t think it would take that long, especially since EJ and Nicole were getting hot and heavy. 

Side Note: It’s hard to feel sorry for Sami when she would have done the exact same thing. 

Sami of course, can’t see Lucas’ side of things. She thinks he was making her pay for loving EJ. Sami turns to her family to explain just how horrid her captivity was. She begged them to explain why she was there while she cried herself to sleep every night (for the love…). Sami wonders how he could have possibly gone on with his life while she was suffering like that. She suddenly wonders if she hadn’t gotten the phone, would she still be in captivity? She tells Lucas she doesn’t love him and leaves. When he tries to go after her, Chad blocks him and says not so fast. 

Marlena follows Sami into the other room where she is screaming and crying about yet another disastrous wedding. Marlena says she did nothing wrong and all of this mess is about Lucas. She’s so upset because EJ tried to tell her and she wouldn’t listen. 

In the chapel, Chad berates Lucas because he is just certain he is the one who murdered Abigail. He immediately tells everyone how he told Abigail that Lucas kidnapped Sami on the very night of her death. Will immediately grabs Chad and tries to calm him down. He thinks Chad is putting the pieces together wrong. Roman is siding with Chad, as is Johnny. Lucas says he will go to the police willingly. 

Sami is still FUMING about how horrible Lucas is and how victimized she has been. Marlena wants to take her home, just as Sami heads for the door. 

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-Kate, Johnny, Chad, and Lucas arrive at the Salem PD. Johnny is being self-righteous as he berates Lucas. Chad is so very certain that he is correct that he tells Kate to prepare Roman for the truths that are to come. Everyone leaves and Chad goes in to the interrogation room to confront Lucas. 

-Roman talks about this wedding and kidnapping foolishness with Eric. He enters the Brady Pub finding Kate sitting at one of the tables. 

-EJ and Belle round two and try to catch their collective breaths. Just then, Sami bangs on the bedroom door. They quickly try and dress. Belle hides and EJ lets Sami in - where she finds a bra on the floor. 

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