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Corday Productions Releases Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Soundtrack

Revisit the sounds of Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem (Chapter 2) whenever you'd like! According to Deadline, the Peacock hit has released a 44-minute score soundtrack to all digital platforms.

Produced by Emmy-winning composers D. Brent Nelson and DAYS executive producer Ken Corday and released by Corday Productions, the album was recorded on the Burbank, California, lot of Warner Bros. The pair brought on a 44-piece string orchestra, plus a harpist, to lend their musical talents to the process.

In a statement, Nelson shared:

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There are places in our show where a cinematic approach enhances the storytelling in a big way. Yes, we are absolutely pushing the envelope in terms of putting music to picture in our genre… And sure, we could settle for a string section half this size. But why? 44 strings sound amazing, especially on the Eastwood Stage at Warner Bros. It’s very exciting and so much more fun doing it this way. There’s a sense of tradition and magic happening as the cues are being performed. For me, this is it. This is the thing.

Corday said:

This score for Beyond Salem as with the mothership, Days of our Lives, is always meant to enhance the story and in doing so only serves as a frame for the big picture. There are times when the music is played in scenes without dialogue and in those moments the composers have an amazing opportunity to enhance the story in a much more direct way. It has always been my greatest pleasure and creative outlet to have been able to score Days of our Lives since 1979. Beyond Salem has given us an opportunity to raise the bar and somewhat change the game of composing Daytime Drama.