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Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem Recap: Bo and Hope Celebrate Their Love in a Heavenly Reunion

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap for July 14, 2022
Bo Brady, Hope Brady, Beyond Salem

Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso

On today’s Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap: 

Caracas - 24 hours ago: John and Steve are handcuffed to each other sitting back to back. Just like that, they escape the cuffs that bind them. Before they can leave, Megan walks in and holds up two cards that place them in a trance. They are now under her power (I feel like she should have thrown her head back and laughed raucously).

Hong Kong: The gala has begun. Li and Gabi decide to look for poker playing Phil and the second prism. They hit the blackjack tables first. Li spots Wendy actually dressed appropriately, when Gabi arrives wondering why she’s with Tripp and Joey. They explain why they are there and how their presence is connected to the prisms. Li assures them they have security and no uninvited guests will get in. (Poor Li.)

Paul asks Andrew if he’s ready to pass himself off as Harris Michaels before they enter the gala. Andrew spots Joey and wants to get away before his cousin recognizes him - too late. They all figure out they are there for the same reason. Wendy joins the party and introductions are made. She thinks they need to fill Li in on what’s happening.

A zombie-like John and Steve arrive in fancy tuxes bearing arms in their waste bands. They enter the party to find Kayla and Marlena dressed to the nines. They immediately hug the entranced duo. Kayla and Marlena explain that Tripp and Joey are looking for them. John and Steve say they are all upstairs with Paul and they should make their way into the gala.

John and Steve escort Kayla and Marlena into a room. They wonder where Joey and Tripp are when John pulls a gun on them. Marlena goes to John and tells him to look into her eyes. He says he only obeys one person, Megan Hathaway. Kayla and Marlena are very confused, as they thought she was dead.

Gabi and Li get filled in on the happenings. Andrew identifies himself as an ISA agent and asks if they know Harris Michaels. They’ve never heard of him. Wendy pops up and says she ran his name through all the databases...he’s living in Montreal and is dating Hope Brady - the plot thickens. Gabi and Li follow up by saying that a poker player named Phil will be arriving with prism number two. Andrew rains on their parade when he informs them that Phil was found dead in Monte Carlo.

Montreal: Ben and Ciara are hovering over Hope’s body, but she’s already gone. Harris pretends to call for an ambulance. Megan briefly appears and tells him to stop this foolishness and focus on ripping the prism from Hope’s cleavage. Ciara yells at Harris for doing this to Hope. When he denies it, she blurts out everything about Hope trying to trap him. Ben tries to quiet her, but to no avail. She reaches into Hope’s cleavage, grabs the prism, and says she knows this is what he’s looking for (yes, she reached into her dead mother’s cleavage). As Megan watches on, Harris pulls out his piece, points it at Ben and Ciara, and demands they give him the prism. Just then, a random man walks up and Harris shoots him. Ben (who is now the on-site coroner) declares him dead. Ciara jumps up to go after Harris when Ben reminds her what she’ll be risking. From behind the tree, Megan wants him to shoot her and take the prism. Ciara relents and hands over the prism.

Heaven: Hope ascends the stairs to the upper room basking in a glowing white light (and dressed in a fabulous suit). As she enters the doors to glory, she sees a heartbroken Bo. Hope wonders if she’s dreaming. How is this reunion possible? She realizes she’s with him in heaven. Bo immediately goes after Hope for being reckless. Hope reminds him they almost got themselves killed years ago over those very prisms. Bo can’t stop himself from chastising her for getting herself killed and endangering Ciara. Angela clears her throat. She’s eating popcorn enjoying the show. Bo explains how he was about to come to Earth to help save the day. Angela reminds them they are together again - and she wants to know how they feel about their heavenly reunion! Bo asks if they can have a do over and they finally embrace. Angela decides to give them some alone time.

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Hope admits to Bo that for once he was right and she took too big a risk. She lost her way after his death. He tells her he has watched on as she went on with her life and protected Shawn Douglas, Ciara, and the wee baby Bo. (Poor Claire!) Hope tells him how Ben and Ciara saw him after Bo’s birth. They begin to reminisce about how they fell in love. She hasn’t been right since he died. They declare that they are still the loves of each other’s lives. Hope suddenly remembers Zack is there too and wants to see him. Bo says that will happen soon enough, but he is freaked out by what their children and grandchildren will do without her…and calls her Fancy Face!

Bo tells her she needs to go back to Earth and wants to give her his second chance pass. He begs Angela to let her use his pass. She thinks she can make something happen. Hope wants to stay with Bo. He begs her to take the second chance, but she wants to see Zack - and in he walks. (My eyes might be tear-filled). She always saw him as the little boy he was when he passed away (after Chelsea turned him into a speed bump). The last thought Zack remembered having was how he wanted his mom. 

Both Zack and Bo urge Hope to return to Earth as they will be awaiting her return one day. She agrees, but Angela says there is a technicality. She won’t remember anything when she goes back. Hope doesn’t know how to say goodbye. Angela suggests one last dance. She hits play and they hear a familiar tune and a familiar voice singing the words, “Tonight, I celebrate my love for you.” (When I tell you I jumped up OUT of my chair!).

Endings: The heavenly music begins playing at the gala where Li and Gabi hit the dance floor. Joey asks for Wendy’s hand, and Paul and Andrew join them. After a few seconds, Tripp approaches and asks if he can steal Wendy for a dance. (Poor Tripp!)

As Bo and Hope dance to ROBERTA FLACK AND PEABO BRYSON (squeal), the memories of their love story flash on screen. The music fades and they declare their love for one another. Until they meet again…Zack approaches and they all say tearful goodbyes and I love yours. Hope takes the second chance ticket and before going through the doors turns one last time and blows them a kiss.

Ben and Ciara turn to leave when Harris pulls his gun, shoots Ciara, and tells her to go be with her mother.

Angela draws Bo’s attention to the screen and he freaks out about Ciara. She says it’s not too late and takes the remote control and rewinds the events back to right before Hope was killed - they’re getting a do over!

As events unfold again, Thomas goes to shoot Hope when he is whacked on the hand with a ruler. It’s Sister Mary Moira! She chastises him for his wrongdoings and tries to pull the gun out of his hand. As they wrestle with it, a shot rings out hitting Harris. After he recovers from the shock of being shot, Harris pulls a gun on them and demands the prism. With the gun pointed at Ben, he turns to Hope and Ciara. Just then, Ben knocks the gun out of Harris’ hands and attempts to subdue him. The gun is picked up by Megan who demands Ben let him go. Hope exclaims, “holy shit!” when she recognizes Stefano’s daughter.

John and Steve are going to tie up Kayla and Marlena so they can head to the gala where Li is at the podium unveiling the prism to all his guests. John and Steve enter the room with guns drawn.

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