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Perkie’s Observations: Valentin Saves Laura From Victor’s Hitman on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 14, 2022
Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart

On today's General Hospital recap: Laura writes a statement on Trina's behalf and drops it off before trial. Trina says Scotty won't be representing her, and Diane explains that Scott's daughter was arrested on an island off of Denmark and she will be filling in. Diane says she can try to get a continuance which could delay the trial for a year, but Trina doesn't want this hanging over her head.

Portia's concerned about Diane's association with mob boss Sonny. Diane understands but sings her own praises. Diane claims she sees cracks in the case and will do what she can to prove Trina's innocence. Diane warns them that ADA Arden will attack Trina's character. She reminds them, especially Josslyn, to be respectful in the courtroom.

Portia worries about what could happen if the trial doesn't go Trina's way. Diane admits the stress could bring psychological issues to the surface. Diane's not concerned since Trina has such a strong support system and doesn't appear to have any family mental health issues. (Cue Portia's look of discomfort.)

Josslyn asks Trina about her night with Rory and is thrilled to hear that they kissed. Trina, however, says she and Rory can't move forward with the trial hanging over her head. 

Ava asks Nikolas to keep Esme from going to the courthouse and messing with Trina.
Esme wonders why Spencer has been so distant and he flashes back on seeing Rory and Trina kiss in the park. Spencer claims he's concerned about the trial that the two of them will be dragged in. Esme suggests they get away, but Spencer disagrees then claims he has a surprise for her that he has to pick up.

Nikolas finds Esme alone in the hallway and she complains about Spencer and his lack of attention to her. She promises Nikolas that she loves Spencer and is working on their relationship and the two agree that it's best no one find out about their tryst. (and discussing it loudly in the front hallway is always a way to keep things secret) Esme asks about being able to see Ryan, but Nikolas tells her that throwing his weight around at Spring Ridge didn't work. Nikolas says he'll talk to the hospital board to see if they can sway Kevin. 

Spencer heads to the hospital to pick up the DNA results that claim Patient A and Patient B are mother and daughter. He bumps into Rory and the two argue back and forth. Spencer lets it be known that he knows Rory kissed Trina last night. Rory says he's not breaking any rules and reminds Spencer that he has his own girlfriend. Spencer warns Rory not to hurt her or he'll answer for it. (Dude, you're threatening a police officer. Rory, arrest his privileged butt.)

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Victor is still upset that Valentin didn't poison Laura and reminds him that he has Charlotte in a fancy boarding school, away from her father. Victor says he's going to take matters into his own hands, since Valentin isn't up to it.

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Valentin tells his father to stop threatening him and to tell him what's going on. He wants to know why Victor stole the Ice Princess from Luke and planted it on Jennifer Smith, but Victor's not sharing. Victor says Valentin hasn't earned his trust and he will be keeping Charlotte as leverage. 

Laura runs into Valentin and asks about the night before when he dropped the drink on her. Valentin claims he's been clumsy since getting out of the clinic, but Laura pushes, thinking there's an issue with Charlotte. Victor has a sharpshooter training his gun on Laura. Valentin spots the shooter and drags Laura out of the way, upsetting her even more. 

Ava stops by the house to check on Trina who asks if she'll be testifying. Diane says Ava's name is not on the list, and Ava admits there were concerns because of her past. Diane assures them all that all they need to do is prove reasonable doubt. Ava tells Trina that it's time to use the evidence she has that will prove her innocence. Trina still doesn't want to divulge anything even though Josslyn agrees with Ava to tell Diane. Alone, Josslyn questions Trina, who says nothing proves her innocence but Josslyn is upset that she's holding back.

Trina admits she has an alibi and was with Spencer when the tape was uploaded. Josslyn is confused since there would be a record of Trina at Spring Ridge until she catches on that Spencer wasn't there. Trina says it doesn't matter since the prosecution will claim she posted the video in advance. Josslyn tells her that she has to use it, since it would be a game changer, as Portia overhears. 

Curtis and Marshall find Billy the bartender who they think sold Esme the phone. Curtis brings up the trial and claims he's there to get an unregistered phone, but Billy's not currently selling. After they leave, Curtis tells Marshall that Billy will lead them to whoever he sold the phone to. The two follow Billy to the docks, where he takes the launch to Wyndemere. Billy gets to Wyndemere and demands answers from Esme.
Marshall wants to head to Wyndemere, but Curtis says they can't trespass on private property and need someone who can help them - just as Ava returns home.

Valentin calls Victor, angry with him for trying to kill Laura. He points out that Anna and everyone will be determined to prove that Victor was behind it - just like with Luke's death. Valentin says he's found a solution, as across town, Laura gets a distressing call about her mother. (and cue Genie's vacation)

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