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Days of Our Lives Recap: Sami Eviscerates Belle And Declares Herself Done With Lucas And EJ

Days of Our Lives Recap for July 15, 2022
Sami Brady, Days of Our Lives

Alison Sweeney

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Reflection and Destruction: Sami spent the night with Marlena. Momma knows that Samantha Gene builds a wall around herself when she’s hurt. Marlena says Lucas fooled everyone. Sami is mad, but she’s also reminiscing about their lives together, which Lucas blew up in her face (maybe not your lesson to teach, Samantha Gene).

Marlena wants to know where she went after she left the chapel. Sami informs her she went to see EJ, who was otherwise engaged. She quickly reveals it was Belle who was all up in EJ’s sheets. Sami thinks she took advantage of a vulnerable EJ and did it just to hurt her (for the love…). Marlena is aching for both of them. She doesn’t want Sami to take her anger out on Belle. Marlena doesn’t want Sami to end up hurting herself. After Marlena leaves the room, Sami grabs her purse and heads out.

Apologies: Roman arrives at the DiMera mansion to see EJ. He wants to apologize. EJ grins like the cat who ate the canary. Roman misjudged EJ - this time. EJ says Lucas fooled everyone. Roman corrects him and says Kate knew…since January 5th. She only told him because she knew everything was about to come out. Stefano always told EJ that the Brady’s were just as fierce as the DiMeras when it came to protecting their children. Roman reminds EJ that there is a criminal justice system and warns him to not take the law into his own hands when it comes to Kate.

Self-Pity and Revenge: Lucas is still in the interrogation room when Kate arrives with coffee. He wants her to leave because he’s hurt her enough. Kate says one of the perks of having a terrible mother is not having to worry whether or not you hurt her feelings. Lucas says he wants to plead guilty and go to prison for life. Kate wants him to think rather than wallow in self-pity. Lucas says he is thinking about his children. He doesn’t want to put them through a trial. An officer enters to cuff Lucas and take him to his arraignment.

EJ arrives to berate Lucas and Kate, but Lucas has other plans to attend to. EJ stays to talk to Kate. As he berates Kate, she reminds EJ that he’s not so innocent himself. She wonders what he will do with her. EJ says he is seething inside, but revenge is a dish best served cold. She will just have to wait and see what comes next. With that, he exits.

Pearl Necklace: Brady arrives at the Salem Inn to see Chloe. He sees two wine glasses and a messy bed and assumes the worst. Just then, Belle emerges from the bathroom. She explains while he was visiting Tate, she and Belle took things to the next level (giggle).

Brady goes in on EJ and places his entire foot in his sarcastic mouth. Chloe thinks Brady is being judgmental and self-righteous. Brady sort of apologizes and Belle informs him she won’t be with EJ any more. Sami found her in bed with EJ. Belle says Sami was hurt before she got angry. She then overheard them talking and how obvious it was that EJ still loved Sami. Brady reminds Belle of the obvious. Samantha Gene will retaliate. Belle jumps up because she knows Sami is headed straight for Shawn Douglas. After Belle leaves, Brady gives Chloe a pearl necklace…and they make out.

9 am Beers: Steve is putting together a stroller for little Shawn Christian. Kayla and Shawn Douglas emerge from the bedroom. They are trying to support him as a single father. He’s trying to move forward even though Belle thinks the baby is “an obstacle.”

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Steve reminds him that the baby is Bo’s grandson. He’s not an obstacle. Shawn Douglas believes they need beer to put together the stroller even though it’s 9 am. Steve believes he has a point.

As they enjoy their beers, Steve reviews Jan Spears: The Mini Series. Shawn Douglas just can’t get over her throwing the fake baby in the air. He doesn’t think Jan Spears can love anything. If she returns, she can’t come near little Shawn Christian. Kayla comes back in and relates the situation to when she found out about Tripp. Over time, her resentment turned into loving him like her own. Kayla thinks Belle still loves him, but Shawn D thinks she’s moved on.

Sisterly Evisceration: Samantha Gene arrives wired for sound and loaded with ammunition. Without wasting any time, she reveals that Belle is sleeping with EJ. Kayla goes after Sami and wishes for once in her life she would think about someone other than herself. Sami explains that she went to see EJ after she left the chapel since he was falsely accused. She explains how Belle was hiding in the bathroom, but made herself seen so she could stick it to Sami. She hates telling this to Shawn Douglas. Just then, Belle arrives and immediately says she knows Sami is trying to stick it to her (I wish I had popcorn because this should be delicious).

Belle thinks Samantha Gene is having the time of her life. Sami thinks all of this is laughable. How could any of this possibly be her fault. Kayla jumps up and tells Sami to leave. They all exit, leaving Shawn D and Belle to talk. He is livid. Belle is sorry how he found out, but he had to know they were headed in this direction. Shawn D says he has been stationary. Belle is the one who headed out and straight to EJ’s bed.

Too Soon: Roman has come over to check in with Marlena and update her on Kate’s post-wedding confession. Marlena is not terribly surprised. Roman leaves and Marlena tries to get in touch with Belle. Just then, Kate knocks on the door. Marlena is none too pleased. Kate says she needs her help.

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-Brady and Chloe rip each others’ clothes off and celebrate his return.

-Marlena doesn’t really want to help Kate since she was a part of screwing over Sami.

-Belle reminds Shawn D they had problems long before EJ. He's livid because Belle acted like she was the only victim of Jan Spears and the Devil. She reminds him she’s mad because he kept it from her. Belle grabs her bag and leaves.

-EJ finds Samantha Gene sitting in wait in the DiMera living room. He thinks she has come back to him. His arrogance never ceases to amaze her. In what world would Sami be coming back to EJ? She came to say goodbye to Johnny. She’s leaving Salem. She needs a break ping ponging back and forth between Lucas and EJ for two decades. She’s done. EJ defends himself and says he tried to tell her the truth. She says she can’t even count the countless ways he has broken her heart. She wishes him luck with Belle or whomever comes next. She’s DONE. And with that Samantha Gene takes her exit, leaving EJ quietly contemplating what happened.

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