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Perkie’s Observations: Portia Believes Race Played a Role in Esme’s Targeting of Trina

General Hospital Recap for July 15, 2022
Portia Robinson, General Hospital

Brook Kerr

On today's General Hospital recap: Laura tells Spencer and Nikolas that Lesley's house in Italy burned down, though no one was hurt. Nikolas offers to put his real estate agent on it to help them find something new. Laura asks them to get along while she's away helping her mother.

Laura is concerned that she's leaving at the wrong time and Kevin wonders if she's trying to talk herself out of leaving. Laura says her mother needs her but wants Kevin to stay to keep an eye on everyone. 

The Ashford men explain to Ava about Billy selling the phone to Esme and that he's at Wyndemere with her now. While Ava heads over to Spoon Island, Curtis and Marshall hang out on the pier discussing his mental health. 

Esme's not concerned to see Billy on her doorstep, telling him that he has no proof that he sold her the phone. Billy says Diane will use the information to her advantage and he wants money to keep his mouth shut. Billy tells her to meet him tonight with the money. 

Ava gets to Wyndemere, but before she can catch Esme and Billy together, she gets a call. The ringing phone alerts Esme, who manages to get Billy out. Ava and Esme go a few rounds until Ava offers Esme rent free living in exchange for the truth about the video. Esme denies any knowledge but Ava offers to let Esme go anywhere without repercussions.

Esme continues to deny while Ava throws out offers of money. Esme says she has found her family and no amount of money will get rid of her.
The Cassadine men get home and Esme tells Spencer about Ava's offer. Spencer says he knows what Esme wants more than anything and he can give it to her. 

Nina's trying to get the lay of the land in hotel management but Olivia accuses Nina of lording her half of the hotel over Carly (um, when did Nina lord anything over anyone? In the invisible episode?). Olivia says she and Ned will write Nina a check and buy her out but Nina says she's not selling. Sonny overhears and wonders why since it would be the best solution. Nina says she's keeping her half and trying to learn the ropes, which also does not sit well with Olivia. 

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Sonny thinks Nina should cut her losses and sell to Olivia but she says it's for Wylie to inherit. Sonny wonders if she's doing it to stick it to Carly, which Nina disagrees with. Nina reminds him that she bought the hotel to give it to Carly and he should be lecturing Carly about turning it down. The two argue and Nina is not happy to see Sonny defending Carly. 

Drew offers to help Carly move out of her office. (because it's not like his own company's faltering and needs his attention). Drew, again, offers to buy the hotel for Carly but she turns him down again. Carly says she's loved every minute of working for the hotel and will miss it. 

Olivia tells Carly that Nina is keeping her half but promises she'll never have Olivia's loyalty. The two share a tearful goodbye. Carly heads out of the hotel, brushing off Sonny's concern. 

Josslyn tells Portia that there is new evidence, but Trina says it has to do with the Ashford men looking for the bartender. Alone, Trina warns Josslyn not to tell anyone about Spencer being her alibi, but Josslyn refuses. 

Trina says Spencer can get in trouble and it might not even help her case. Josslyn points out that Spencer knows he's Trina's alibi and hasn't come forward either. Trina begs Josslyn to let her be the one to tell Diane when she feels she needs to. 

Stella tells Portia that she'll be in the courtroom to support Trina, but Portia says it would be too stressful for her. Portia admits to Stella that she hates Esme for what she did, but has been keeping a lid on it for Trina's sake. 

Portia believes Esme targeted Trina, not just because of her friendship with Spencer but also because Trina would have a harder time facing the justice system. Portia worries about jury members who won't see Trina's innocence and thinks she didn't prepare Trina and failed her. (Holy moly, can we give all the Emmys to Brook Kerr because she had me bawling.)

Portia feels Trina grew up in a sheltered life and didn't learn the realities, but Stella disagrees, saying Trina understands the world. Stella tells Portia to stop torturing herself, that it's impossible to shield kids from everything.

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