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Dr. Deacon Encourages Taylor to Release Her Frustrations

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for July 18, 2022
Deacon Sharpe, The Bold and the Beautiful

Sean Kanan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

The Mike of Reason? Finn is fast asleep in his makeshift hospital bed with Sheila standing over him holding the syringe that put him down. Mike has returned with all the supplies she requested. He sees her with the syringe and thinks she killed her son… AGAIN! Sheila scoffs as if she would never do such a thing. Mike reminds her she did just that… twice! However, she hasn’t killed anyone recently unless you count Li (Mike is killing me!). Sheila is tired of not hearing any news about Li and decides to try calling her on the phone just in case the explosion and murky water didn’t do her in. It went to voicemail. Just then, Finn begins to rouse. Mike wants to know what happens next. Sheila says she is going to reunite him with Steffy and Hayes, after which he will forget about all of this mess. Mike reminds Sheila that Finn already has a death certificate. He thinks they both need to cut their losses and run away together.

Self-Righteous Ridge: Ridge creepily checked in with the security guy outside Taylor’s office to make sure she went to work (Ew). Hope walks in cooing about how adorable they are. Ridge asks Hope if Deacon has spoken to Sheila. Hope says he hasn’t but Ridge says he won’t believe anything Deacon ever says… then why did you ask? (Someone needs to remind Ridge that Deacon saved Steffy’s life). Ridge goes on to say that Deacon should have no contact with anyone he loves (how Hope stops herself from going upside Ridge’s head on the daily is beyond me). He quickly (but not believably) apologizes for snapping at Hope.

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Dr. Deacon: Taylor and Deacon are venting about Sheila. Deacon has turned the tables and is playing therapist for her. She reminds him that everything they say in the room is confidential (These two are gold!). Deacon assures Taylor that he hasn’t heard from Sheila (Gasp, she actually believes him). He wonders if Taylor and Ridge have considered going to Europe to support Steffy - but that would be awkward. Deacon thinks Taylor should talk more about “the destiny” that recently upended her world… tell Dr. Deacon everything. Taylor thinks “the destiny” schtick is almost laughable, and this “bridge” they’re building is burning down (Ha! I see what you did there). Deacon assures Taylor that whenever she needs a strong shoulder, he’ll be there.

Pick Another Restaurant: The Spencer men are lunching at Il Giardino when Liam points out that Steffy and Finn were shot within feet of their table. Wyatt can’t understand why Sheila is still roaming free (roaming? like a buffalo?). Liam explains that Ridge has hired a ton of security guards to protect his family. Bill is momentarily impressed with the dressmaker. The conversation shifts to Steffy and her brood in Europe and the enormity of her loss. The conversation shifts to Deacon. Liam informs folks that Hope’s dad hasn’t been in touch with Sheila. 

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