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Days of Our Lives Recap: Will Leaves Sonny A Trail of Scone Crumbs

Days of Our Lives Recap for July 18, 2022

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Will Horton, Paul Nartia, Days of Our Lives

Chandler Massey, Zach TInker

Scone Crumb Trail: Will is awakened by Sonny who has brought him sustenance. Will was hoping everything that happened with Lucas was a nightmare. Sonny can’t imagine Lucas killing anyone. It’s a huge jump from kidnapping to murder. Will starts to lose his s*** when Sonny calms him down - can he actually imagine Lucas stabbing Abigail? Will couldn’t imagine them rolling Leo Stark up into a rug, either (good point, young William). Will wants a distraction and Sonny grabs a sweet treat from Sweet Bits. Will has as much of his scone on his chest as he does in his mouth. With that, Sonny begins to eat off Will’s chest (have mercy) and they begin to kiss. Next thing you know, nekkidness ensues and they are basking in the afterglow. Just then, Will’s phone buzzes. Sami might not be the only person leaving Salem.

Hugs For Murder: Lucas continues to sit in the interrogation room when JJ arrives to confront him (that door should have a turn style). He wants answers. Lucas tells him he doesn’t remember anything because he was drunk. He hates himself for everything that he’s done. JJ thinks he just needs a little help remembering… from his fist. Just then, Jennifer Rose arrives and tells him to stop. He begins to break down and she comforts him. They both just want answers and closure. JJ exits and Lucas tells her that he doesn’t blame either of them for hating him. Jennifer Rose loves him because Lucas is her brother. She wonders why Lucas didn’t tell her what he was going through (really, JRo?). They begin to cry together about Abigail and reminisce a bit - now back to whether or not Lucas bludgeoned her. Jennifer Rose wants Lucas to forget he’s her brother and just review everything. 

Marlena vs. Kate: Marlena is confronting Kate about covering for Lucas. She apologizes but Marlena is having none of her foolishness. Marlena knew that Kate was selfish but didn’t think she would let EJ rot in prison for a crime Lucas committed (has she met Kate?). Marlena wonders if Kate felt sorry for Sami (again, has she met Kate?). Kate can’t conceive that Marlena thinks Lucas actually killed Abigail. Marlena is done and wants to know why Kate is there. Kate is fine with Marlena hating her and Lucas but she loves Abigail. Kate wants Marlena to help Lucas remember.

Comeuppance: EJ is talking to Stefano’s portrait. He thinks he’s lost everyone in his family because of his actions. Just then, Chad arrives. He thought EJ and Sami might be back together. Chad immediately apologizes for blaming him for Abigail’s death. EJ admits that he should have told Chad about Clyde. Chad tells him that Lucas is now the main suspect. Chad continues telling EJ that he knew EJ was innocent of Sami’s kidnapping all along, and he planted the evidence. Chad wanted to come clean at his trial, but then he was EJ kiss Abigail (the devil made him do it). Interestingly, EJ lets Chad know that Kate didn’t throw him under the bus during his confrontation with her. EJ thinks Chad is more ruthless than he could ever be (um…). Chad wants to make things right. EJ will think it over, but wants to twist the knife one more time by saying that if he’d turned Lucas in Abigail might still be alive…

A Red Herring? Sarah and Xander are being all cute and adorable at the Salem Inn. They finish doing the deed and Xander wants round two. Sarah would love to have another go but needs to pick up her prescription. She hasn’t experienced any hallucinations in days. While she’s doing that, Xander will find Jack and express his condolences.

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Xander finds Jack in Alice Horton’s living room. He says he’s kept his distance out of respect. Jack thinks it’s also to stave off Julie’s wrath (where is the lie?). They review how Abigail found Sarah on the island and how much that damned drug tortured them both… Though he appreciates it, no amount of Xander’s comforting makes Jack feel better (seriously? If Xander needs to comfort someone…). Jack changes topics and asks about Sarah.

Sarah runs into JJ in Horton Square. She wants to pay her respects since she was unable to do so at the funeral. JJ tells her about the confrontation with Lucas and how he doesn’t remember. Sarah assures him that Rafe will fight for justice as Abigail would have (Oh Sarah…). JJ asks how she’s doing. She got a double dose of the drug and was seeing Kristen everywhere - and wanted to KILL HER (Is this a red herring?). Marlena suggested Sarah talk to Abigail since they were given the same drug. She was supposed to see her the night Abigail died. If she had, maybe Abigail would still be alive (or not).

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-Marlena arrives at the Salem PD. She’s not thrilled with helping Lucas but will do anything to help get justice for Abigail (if I never hear justice for - fill in the blank - again, it will be too soon). She will hypnotize him but only as a favor to Abigail’s family. Nothing that is said in this session will be used in court.

-Will got a call from the streaming service. The one for which he wrote the Alamanian Peacock mini-series and A Very Salem Christmas (nice connection). He pitched them a bunch of new projects and they’ve picked one up. They want him to go to L.A. but he doesn’t want to leave his family. Sonny tells him he has to go. They love each other and kiss again.

-Kate arrives at the DiMera mansion and fills Chad in on the latest happenings with Lucas. Just then, EJ arrives and declares Kate and Chad his enemies. He’s thought it over and instead of having them thrown in prison they must sign over all their shares of DiMera to him.

-Sarah is taking her meds when Xander returns to their room. His conversation with Jack has inspired him to make the most of everyday. They should get married!

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