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Donna Mills: "I Would Do Knots Landing Again in a Nanosecond"

Donna Mills

Donna Mills

Would Donna Mills welcome a possible return to Knots Landing as the iconic Abby Fairgate? The answer is a resounding yes! Mills discussed this and more as she looked back on her storied career in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Mills told the site:

I would give anything to play her again. I would do Knots Landing again in a nanosecond.

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She added:

The storyline I would love to play is Abby being homeless, then clawing her way back to the top to take over everything again.

Abby still resonates with her today. She commented:

I learned a lot from Abby. She had a great effect on me. I think I gained confidence playing her every day. When you’re confident, you don’t put up with that stuff. It’s very gratifying for me to know that Abby seemed to have helped a lot of women. They would tell me they would watch Abby and say ‘I can be like that, I can do that.’ Abby gave them strength. It really means a lot to know something I did helped people.

And Mills is still front and center in big projects, appearing in the eagerly-anticipated Jordan Peele film Nope.