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Perkie's Observations: Michael Insists on Keeping Sonny Away From His Growing Family on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 18, 2022
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Michael Corinthos, General Hospital

Robert Adamson

On today's General Hospital recap: Trina, flanked by her parents, nervously arrives at the courthouse, worrying she'll be found guilty. Taggert is certain that Curtis will find the evidence, as Curtis arrives with bad news. Diane reassures Trina.

Carly is concerned about Josslyn's feelings about reliving the video in open court. Josslyn reassures her the trial is about making sure Trina gets exonerated.

DA Arden questions Cameron on the stand about his relationship and friendship with Trina. Cameron testifies that Trina was the only one in the cabin with him and Josslyn. Diane's cross involves Cameron's friendship and loyalty to Trina.

DA Arden questions Josslyn, forcing her to testify that Trina was drunk. However, Josslyn goes off on a tangent and the DA is forced to have her classified as a hostile witness. Josslyn testifies that Spencer and Esme left, and that she didn't see Trina after she went to bed. Josslyn mentions that she and Cameron stepped out of the cabin briefly and has to admit she doesn't know if Trina left her room.

Brando complains to TJ that Sasha has been lying to him for months and doesn't understand why he didn't see the signs. TJ reassures him, certain that Sasha will find her way forward.

Sonny tells Dante about the issues with Nina, Carly, and the hotel. Dante admires what Sonny has done to heal, saying he understands, having had his own struggles when he came back. Dante points out that Carly and Nina will always have bad blood between them.

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Michael arrives and tells them Willow is pregnant and Sonny will not be part of his childrens' lives. (My 14yr old was watching with me today and said: "Willow's pregnant?? You mean, there's going to be more of them??" That's my girl, chip off the old block!!!)

Michael and Sonny argue. Then Dex gets involved, and there is some pushing and shoving, Brando warns Dex to back off.

Dante takes Michael aside to ask if he's really going to keep their father out of his children's lives. Michael says he respects that Dante and Sonny have a relationship, but says he no longer does.

Nina stops by Nathan's grave, and gets a call from Olivia there is a staff meeting, which Liesl overhears. Nina explains to Liesl about buying out Carly's half of the hotel and how things might be over with Sonny. Liesl wonders why Nina would keep the hotel and Nina says it's a good business opportunity.

Willow stops by the cemetery to speak to baby Jonah's grave to tell him about her pregnancy. Nina and Liesl are walking by, and they overhear her. Willow admits it's true, but gets snarky with Nina when she asks about Wiley's reaction. After Willow leaves, Nina angrily tells Liesl that Carly always wins.

TJ calls Willow to the hospital to tell her the results of her other tests.

Esme is shocked when Spencer tells her that he found her birth mother. Spencer says Victor used his connections and found the woman in Portugal. Esme asks why Spencer did this for her and he says he was trying to find a way to make it up to her.
Esme agrees this is what she's wanted for so long, but isn't sure she can believe it. Spencer says he had a DNA test done and shows her the results. Esme notices that there is no name on the results and Spencer tells her he'll give her the information in exchange for Trina's freedom.

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