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Perkie's Observations: Spencer and Esme Try to One-up Each Other Over Trina's Fate on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 19, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez, Avery Pohl

On today's General Hospital recap: TJ tells Willow she has an elevated white blood cell count which has nothing to do with her pregnancy. He says it could be stress, but thinks there is something else going on, and Willow wants details. TJ says he'll need to run more tests, but it has nothing to do with the baby.

Michael heads to the hospital to join Willow for her appointment with Britt. Britt is able to detect the fetal heartbeat. TJ tells Britt there is something they need to discuss about Willow.

Cody tells Dante about his upcoming date with Britt, despite Dante's warnings against her. Cody doesn't understand why Dante isn't happy about him dating Britt. Cody says Dante has grown up into a different person from what he was. (What? Twelve year old, carefree at summer camp Dante isn't the same as forty year old, responsible dad Dante? Shut up Cody.)

Britt tells Brad that she can't join him for drinking tonight because she has a date. After multiple clues, Brad figures out the date is with Cody. 

On the witness stand, Josslyn is forced to admit she has no proof that Trina didn't leave her room that night. DA Arden manages to get Josslyn to admit that it's possible Trina could have set up the camera in their room. Josslyn testifies she's known Trina since middle school and knows exactly the type of person she is. Josslyn says only one person could have done this and she knows who it was. Josslyn lists Esme's sins, but the DA counters that there is no proof against Esme.

Jordan takes the stand and the DA walks her through the phone being found in Trina's bag, thanks to an anonymous tip. Diane gets Jordan to say that Trina voluntarily went to the PCPD and was eager to help. Jordan says Trina never acted like a guilty person.

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Rory is called to the stand. The DA asks about the bar brawl and Rory is forced to testify that Josslyn and Trina were the two underaged kids at the bar. The DA has evidence the bartender at that bar has a record of selling black market phones, implying that's how Trina got hers. Diane gets Rory to testify that the girls were trying to find out if the bartender had sold a phone to Esme.

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Spencer warns Esme that if she wants the information on her birth mother, she'll have to tell the truth to the court. Spencer says they both know that Trina didn't do this, that Esme did. He accuses Esme of being cruel and dangerous and that he wanted to believe her despite everyone's warnings. Spencer accuses Esme of making the video and distributing it.

Esme calls Spencer self-centered and this is how he repays her kindness. Esme says she left with him that night at the cabin and couldn't have planted the phone. She continues to insist that Trina set the phone and Spencer can't prove otherwise.

Spencer says Esme was absent while the others were in the living room, giving her plenty of time to set up the phone. He also mentions how he forgot something and she went back for it later, giving her a chance to get the phone back.

Esme points out she had no idea Trina wouldn't be able to handle her booze and spend the night in her room. This causes Spencer to remember finding the bottle of pills in Esme's possession and accuses her of drugging Trina. Esme says she's not trading places with Trina, but Spencer says she's smart enough to clear Trina without incriminating herself. Spencer says he can give her her mother's name and asks what's more important to her.

Esme warns Spencer that if he tells Trina about this, he'll never get what he wants from her. Spencer brings up her mother again, but Esme tells him that she may not want that info as much as she wants to hurt him.

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