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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Finn Stands on Shaky Ground and Pushes Sheila Out of His Way

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for July 19, 2022
Dr. John Finnegan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Tanner Novlan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Brooke's: Liam asks about Sheila and Hope doesn't understand how she could have disappeared. They, along with Ridge and Brooke, speculate about her whereabouts. Ridge says they can't let their guards down. Brooke says they think it was an inside job as Lt. Baker arrives.

Baker says Richard Michael Guthrie was on duty when Sheila escaped. Brooke looks surprised when she hears the name and Baker asks if she knows him. They recognize him as the security guard from Forrester years ago. Baker says they need proof before they can act on it. Ridge and Brooke offer to go with Baker to see Mike at the prison. Hope fills Liam in on Sheila and Mike's past.

Sheila's hideaway: Finn wakes up and says he needs Steffy, which doesn't sit will with mama Sheila. Mike returns with coffee and wonders if all's well. He advises Sheila not to be hard on him since he's not fully recovered. Sheila gets angry when Finn demands he see his family TODAY. 

Sheila asks Mike to watch Sheila so she can shower. He tells her to make it quick because he has to go to work. Mike tries to tell Finn about the risks Sheila's taking to treat him. Finn counters he'd be in the hospital and his family would be around him if she really loved him.

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Finn wonders why Mike would help Sheila and he explains they have a long history. Mike says there's something about Sheila that makes her unique. Finn says they'll both go to prison unless Mike decides to help him escape and do the right thing before it's too late.

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Mike tries to convince Finn that Sheila's acting in his best interest. He even believes they will go on the run together after Finn's reunited with his family. Finn tells him again he won't get away for long. As asks Mike to help him, Sheila returns.

Sheila wonders what's going on and Mike tells her nothing. Mike decides to leave for work. Sheila asks Finn if they were planning something. Finn tries to use the same mantra on Sheila and she starts to get mad. Finn yells at her to let him go and talk to Steffy. Finn starts to take off the medical gear and the all machines' alerts sound off. He struggles to stand up, pushes her, and tells her he's going to his family.

Prison: Mike shows up and is told there are people waiting to see him. Baker has questions about Sheila's escape.

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