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The Young and the Restless Recap: Old Rivals Unite to Take Down Public Enemy Number One...Diane Jenkins

The Young and the Restless Recap for July 19, 2022
Phyllis Summers, Nikki Newman, The Young and the Restless

Michelle Stafford, Melody Thomas Scott

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Newman Enterprises: Victoria's crowing about how well the press conference went. She, Nick, and Nikki express concern about Adam, and agree Newman Media needs to be handled first. They discuss Adam and Sally's relationship. They think Adam will fake a break up with Sally to save her job.

Newman Media: Sally wonders if Adam's been avoiding her. He admits he didn't go to Chicago and tells her he was going over every move Victor made with him, which makes him question his abilities. Adam tells Sally that she is the one standing between him and what he can attain. Sally says she believes in him and doesn't understand why he's turning on her.

Sally's hurt, but counters that he never cared what Victor thought of him. She suddenly realizes he's trying to protect her job, but she doesn't want it this way. Sally tells him to be up front with her about his plans right now and she'll forgive him. Adam denies everything and she tells him to go to hell. Adam leaves as Nick and Victoria come in. Adam says they broke up and sings Sally's praises, hoping they will let her stay.

Sally readies herself for being fired and talks about her accomplishments and ideas. She tells them to get it over with, but Nick and Victoria head outside to talk about Sally.

Society: Ashley wants details about what happened with Phyllis, and Jack gives them up. Jack wonders if Ashley's taking Phyllis' side, but Ashley explains she understands why Phyllis felt compelled to mark her territory and thinks she deserves a second chance. Ashley questions Jack's complicated feelings for Diane and wonders why he's so forgiving of her deeds when Phyllis did hers out of love. Jack tells Ashley to drop it because they're better off as friends. Adam walks in and Jack excuses himself.

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Adam and Jack talk about their history and relationship with Victor. Jack warns him to keep his dark impulses under control. He tells Jack that he's the last person Victor has to worry about...cut to Ashland stewing in his prison cell.

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Crimson Lights: Allie supports Noah leaving New Hope, but knows he'll have a hard time telling Nick. Phyllis steps in and thinks they look cute together, then talks about Jabot. Noah makes up an excuse for them to leave.

Diane walks in and teases Phyllis how they left her alone. Diane outlines Phyllis' motives to use Allie to get to Jack and says it's not a good look. The two lightly bicker and needle each other as Nikki walks in, followed by Ashley. Diane listens to them snark at her before leaving.

The three decide that something needs to be done about Diane. They all agree Diane shouldn't have a free pass and talk about all the bad things she's done. They conspire to pool their talents despite their past histories with each other.

Abbott mansion: Allie tells Noah she thinks Phyllis is trying to get into her good graces because of Jack. Noah says Phyllis can be tough, but means well. The two kiss.

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