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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Bill Encounters a Back Alley Bombshell

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for July 21, 2022
Bill Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Sketchy Explanations: Finn tells Sheila she lied about saving him (Sheila lied? Thanks, Captain Obvious!) He demands to know what happened to Li. He knows his mother wouldn’t have left him after she rescued him from certain death. Sheila explains she escaped because she needed to know Finn’s final resting place - flashback to Sheila tossing Li to the ground and finding Finn very much alive.

Finn still wants to know where Li is. Sheila wants to talk about her pain. Finn reminds her that she is the cause of her pain...and his pain...and Steffy’s pain. (Silly silly Finn.)

Sheila explains that when she found Li she was acting very cagey. She eventually discovered the makeshift hospital room and her life was worth living again. (Sheila’s narcissistic dialogue is on point.) Finn pounds the same beat - what happened to Li? Sheila ignores him and explains how she and Li were together when he woke up. (Flashback to Sheila decking Li so hers was the first face he saw.)

Sheila is so grateful for the care Li WAS giving him. Finn asks the obvious...why was? Sheila thought Li was working with her because he was THEIR son. Finn thinks Li would have immediately called the police. Sheila reminds him that Li would also have been arrested and thus, could not contact the authorities. Since they were in the same danger, Sheila assumed they were working together…but Li LIED TO HER FACE!

An Update From Monaco: Taylor is calling Steffy to check in when a shirtless Thomas enters the beach house followed by Ridge. He hasn’t been able to get in touch with Steffy either. Thomas tries to excuse Steffy’s lack of communication when Ridge pops up saying Mike Guthrie may be involved with Sheila’s escape. Ridge and Taylor sort of explain to Thomas who Mike is and their relationship. Just then, the phone rings from an “international” number. It is a VERY French sounding Dr. Chevalier (but Taylor can call her Flavia?) and she has news about Steffy.

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Spencer Bonding: Bill and Wyatt are meeting for lunch at a non-Il Giardino’s location. (What will they discuss if they can’t mention Steffy and Finn’s bloody bodies?) Wyatt wonders why they’ve been spending so much time together lately (a solid question). Is something going on with Katie? Bill has given her space and is trying to be patient. He then comments that life is too short (cue the reference to Finn and Steffy).

They shift to Liam, with whom Wyatt is meeting later in the day. Bill mentions that Liam is still worried about Sheila…which leads back to Steffy and Finn. Wyatt is stunned by Bill’s compassion for someone other than himself. Bill explains how his children have changed him. Just then, the server brings the check and Bill pays - because it's the least he can do for his kids. Wyatt says he will see him at work tomorrow and makes his exit.

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-The grief counselor Steffy was seeing urged her to check herself in. Ridge can’t help himself and wants to know where the kids are. This facility is more like a home and so the kids are with her. Dr. Chevalier assures Taylor that Steffy is receiving excellent care and bids her adieu. Ridge reminds everyone this situation is all because of Sheila. (Two appearances of Captain Obvious in one day!)

-Sheila explains how Li left to get his meds and immediately betrayed her by calling the police. (Flashback to Sheila catching said betrayal.) IS THERE NO ONE SHE CAN RELY ON? WHY DO PEOPLE CONTINUE TO FORCE SHEILA’S HAND?! Sheila explains that Li took off in a car. Finn thinks she would have gone straight to the cops. Sheila explains she followed her and lost control of the car. The car exploded and it went into the water. Finn asks if his mother is dead. Sheila confirms said death.

-Bill exits non-Il Giardino and appears to have somehow walked into the Italian restaurant’s alley. He hears a woman groaning amongst the trash. When he looks a little closer, a very dirty and disheveled Li is revealed! 

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