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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sheila Admits Li Saved Finn From Certain Death

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for July 20, 2022
Sheila Carter, The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Deacon is reading at the Il Giardino bar when Hope arrives. They agree the restaurant is a constant reminder of Finn and Steffy’s bloody bodies. Hope thinks it’s a good idea for him to talk to a professional. Besides, Sheila is the one who needs a therapist. Deacon sees who Sheila is now, but didn’t at first. He knows what Hope is getting at. He has not seen nor spoken to Sheila. Deacon shifts topics and reminds Hope their relationship is the most important one in his life. He would never jeopardize it. Hope says she believes him - about everything. Hope shifts back and fills Deacon in on Mike’s possible role in Sheila’s escape.

Ridge (for some reason) is being allowed to interrogate Mike as Brooke (for some reason) is allowed to watch. Mike doesn’t understand why he’s being questioned. Chief Baker explains that Brooke and Ridge explained his relationship to Sheila. Mike scoffs as Brooke and Ridge (for some reason) continue to growl at him and ask him questions. Chief Baker tries to reason with Mike by re-explaining the situation with Steffy, Finn, and Sheila (because it’s possible he had forgotten?). He says anyone who aided and abetted Sheila will be incarcerated…unless he helps. Mike says that’s great, but he didn’t do anything wrong.

Finn is struggling out of bed and Sheila is freaking out. He’s doing too much too soon! He stumbles as he mutters about Steffy, and then he falls. Sheila is very frustrated with Finn as she puts him back to bed. He just wants to call Steffy. Sheila can’t let him ruin all the progress he has made. He wants her to stay away from him. Why won’t he trust her? She swears she will get him back to Steffy. Mama will always take care of him. Finn suddenly asks how it’s possible she brought him back to life. He then realizes he has been declared legally dead. Finn has questions.

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-Deacon vaguely remembers Mike as someone who may have been hooked on Sheila. He explains that Sheila is a chameleon who is both vulnerable and lethal (it’s good to remind the audience that Sheila can be both which is how folks are drawn in).

-Brooke and Ridge continue to berate Mike, who explains he is now one of the good guys. Ridge GROWLS that he knows more than he is saying. Brooke says they will get justice for Steffy and Finn. (Dear Soaps: Please eliminate “Justice for - fill in the blank - from your vocabularies. XOXO.)

-Sheila wants Finn to stop talking and is evasive saying she did what was necessary. He continues asking questions because she isn’t a doctor and hasn’t been a nurse for years. Sheila gives in and admits it was Li who took him from the hospital and brought him to this room. He wants to know where Li is. What did Sheila do to Li? Flashback to the fiery crash and submersion in the water.

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