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Days of Our Lives Recap: Did Sarah Horton Kill Abigail DiMera?

Days of Our Lives Recap for July 20, 2022
Sarah Horton, Days of Our Lives

Linsey Godfrey

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Lying Liars Who Lie: Allie is on the phone with Tripp filling him on Samantha Gene: The Mini-Series. A knock on the door reveals Grandma Kate assuring Allie she doesn’t think her father killed Abigail. Allie doesn’t know why she should believe him if he pleaded not guilty to Sami’s kidnapping when they know he did it.

Marlena arrives to report that Lucas remembered being at the DiMera mansion. He was making himself a drink when he cut himself with a knife whilst getting some lemon. She says that Lucas saw Sarah. Rafe will let Marlena know if there’s any news. Kate thanks Marlena for helping, even though she’s upset with her and Lucas. Allie wonders what that is all about. (If Marlena’s narrowed eyes could kill, Kate would be six feet under). Kate admits she knew Lucas was guilty. Allie is furious. Kate explains that Roman knows and broke up with her. Allie’s glad because she’s done with her too. Allie asked Marlena to watch the baby (not Kate because she’s a lying liar who lies), and exits the apartment.

Sad Chad: Rafe tells Chad they are bringing in a person of interest. Chad wants to come down to the station, but Rafe tells him to stay put. He will fill him in when he knows more. Just then, Sonny enters. Chad is belligerent when Sonny tries to stop him from going to the police station. He mentions that Will left for Los Angeles for a new project, but he doesn’t think his dad killed Abigail. Sonny says they all want to get to the truth. He needs to let Rafe do his job.

Chad feels guilty and explains to Sonny his part in framing EJ for Sami’s kidnapping. EJ wants his DiMera shares and Chad will be signing them over. Sonny wants Chad to take a breath. First, let Rafe do his job and find the killer (don’t hold your breath). Sonny says he will be there for Chad any time, day or night.

A Drunken Tale: Lucas explains to Rafe he cut himself on a knife when making a drink. He saw Sarah Horton running down the stairs and out the door - she was agitated. She dropped something at the door before she could leave. He remembers she shoved whatever she picked up into her coat pocket, but didn’t see it. Rafe is berating him with questions so fast, Lucas doesn’t have time to get his sober head together. Suddenly, he remembers his hand was hurting, so he went back to the bar to wrap it in a towel. He grabbed his bottle and left through the French doors in the back.

Nuptials Interrupted: Detective Jada Hunter has arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, and has interrupted Xander and Sarah’s nuptials. Maggie is none too thrilled. She has to bring Sarah in for questioning in the murder of Abigail. She explains there is an eyewitness that places her at the scene of the crime on the night she was killed.

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Xander assures Jada that Sarah was nowhere near the mansion and had no reason to be there. Sarah corrects his assumption. She was supposed to see Abigail to discuss the drug to which she and Abigail were exposed. Jada wonders if Sarah was at the mansion or not. Xander thinks she’s harassing his betrothed, but Sarah thinks she needs to go down to the police station. Maggie pitches in and says it would just be five more minutes. Sarah couldn’t possibly concentrate on the wedding. She wants to help with the investigation.

Declaration of Love: Johnny and Chanel run into each other in Horton Square. He needs to talk to her. Johnny just wants his dad to be okay. Chanel is being supportive by reminding Johnny of how strong he is. Johnny is in despair because he lost her and wants her back. He pulls out a ring box with her engagement ring. They reminisce about the night they got married in Italy. Chanel is annoyed because she told him what she needs is time. Johnny can’t pretend he’s not in love with her and doesn’t want to waste another single day. He believes in his soul they belong together. Johnny gets down on one knee and proposes, again! She pulls him up and Johnny once again declares his love for her.

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-Chad thinks he heard a noise like a car in the driveway. Sonny doesn’t hear anything. Chad explains it happens all the time. He hears noises and thinks Abigail has returned (he’s not wrong… it’s happened before). Chad begins to cry and Sonny does what he can to be his rock.

-Lucas explains he staggered out the doors, but kept falling. He knows he went back to the Salem Inn even though he doesn’t know how he got back upstairs to his room. Lucas declares with glee that he didn’t kill Abigail (Oh Lucas…).

-Maggie walks Detective Hunter into the foyer, and they give Xander and Sarah a minute. Sarah is starting to freak out because she doesn’t remember everything from the night of the murder. What if she went over there that night and thought Abigail was Kristen?

-Kate is distraught because she thinks Allie hates both her and Lucas. Marlena is Marlena and tells Kate she didn’t mean to hurt Allie. Kate is just grateful that Allie can be surrounded by other people who love her.

-Johnny and Chanel are mere centimeters away from each other. Chanel admits she loves him too and they kiss…just as Allie arrives. 

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