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The Young and the Restless Recap: Adam Warns His Family of Ashland's Impending Wrath

The Young and the Restless Recap for July 19, 2022
Adam Newman, The Young and the Restless

Mark Grossman

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Newman Enterprises: Victor asks Adam if he's really ready to step away from Newman and Adam insists he is. Victor points out he's done this before and always comes back. Adam says Victor chose Victoria over him and he's also done with Sally. Victor thinks Adam's going to great lengths to protect Sally, but notes he can easily walk away from his family.

Victor tells Adam he needed to be patient, but Adam says he's done every dance the way Victor pulled the strings. He claims he's not good enough to be a real Newman. Victor counters that he's had his back all the time and is upset by Adam's words.

Adam warns they're in for a rude awakening from Ashland Locke. Victor thinks he put Ashland in his place, but Adam thinks he poked a bear who will want revenge. Victor doesn't seem to care and Adam walks out.

Society: Nick and Victoria discuss whether or not Adam is a hero for trying to spare Sally's job. Victoria's suspicious that he may be planning something bigger because that's his nature. Nick says he's improved, but Victoria brings up all his flaws based on his tragic upbringing, and still cant trust him.

Adam stops by and they inform him that Sally's staying on at Newman Media. Adam comments the worst is yet to come, but not from him. Adam explains about his meeting with Ashland and says he thinks he's out for (mainly Victoria's) blood, not the company. Nick and her talk about her safety.

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Crimson Lights: Sharon questions Noah about his feelings for Allie and he admits he likes her. The two talk about their complicated relationship histories. Sharon offers her support. Sharon switches gears and tells Noah to talk to Nick about his decision. Noah makes a call to his father, who appears at the coffeehouse.

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Abbott mansion: Ashley and Allie chat about her upcoming stint at Jabot and her adjustment to a new family. Ashley tries to be snide about Diane's involvement and Allie questions if that's who she really wants to talk about. She explains how Phyllis did the same to her and says she doesn't want to be involved. Ashley contends she doesn't want to see Allie get used. Allie says she's not innocent or naive, and excuses herself. Later, Ashley praises Allie for speaking her mind and says it will serve her well.

Chancellor Park: Phyllis wants to talk to Jack about Ashley and his conversation with her. She points out how she and Ashley are on the same side about Diane. She doesn't understand how Jack can respect Ashley's opinion on Diane, but not her's.

Victoria's on the phone and feels like someone's watching her. She looks around and runs out of the park. She's not wrong...Ashland isn't far behind.

Grand Phoenix: Phyllis thinks Lily wants to partner up to keep the music VIPs at her hotel. Lily says she wants make the hotel a Chancellor-Winters property. Phyllis explains why the hotel means so much to her, but Lily thinks there's value in taking a good offer and changing her life. Phyllis is surprised by the lucrative offer, but turns Lily down.

Phyllis asks Jack for his business advice about Lily's offer. Jack thinks it's an amazing offer, but he thinks it's a personal decision. Phyllis wonders if she belongs in Genoa City anymore, but Jack says it's none of his business. Jack says what she did hurt him because he loves her.

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