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Perkie's Observations: Curtis Gets a Lead From Selina That May Help Trina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 22, 2022
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Curtis Ashford, General Hospital

Donnell Turner

On today's General Hospital recap: Cody claims he was trying to impress Britt, but she declares their date is over. Cody calls her a nag, so she dumps his drink on him and leaves.

Linc says he sees something in Chase that just needs refining. and offers a joint venture. Brook Lynn interrupts to let Linc know that everything has to go through her, as Chase's manager. Chase says he'd never sign with Linc and he trusts Brook Lynn. LInc tells Chase to give him thirty days to show him what he can do for him.

Maxie tells Spinelli to back away from Austin, but Spinelli warns her that Austin isn't who he says he is. Spinelli feels Maxie doesn't have a future with Austin, but Maxie's suspicious and pushes. Spinelli admits he's behind Society Setups. He says he's figured out an algorithm to match people perfectly, which is why he knows Austin and Maxie are not a match. Maxie points out that this algorithm keeps matching Britt with losers.

Bald man is here to let Austin know his time is up, but Austin says he doesn't answer to him. Bald man says Austin answers to his boss, who sent a message telling Austin that his time in Port Charles has failed and he needs to return to the fold. Austin says he's not ready to go, but the bald man says there will be consequences. Britt arrives in time to see the two men talking.

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Britt interrupts to ask Austin if he's seen Brad, causing the bald man to head out. Austin makes up a story when Britt asks who he was. Britt then complains about her date with Cody and Austin points out she doesn't need to date anyone if she doesn't want to.

Britt tells Maxie that she was on an awful date from Society Setups. Spinelli is certain that the company can help her, but Britt says she's done and plans to sue the company for fraud. Maxie does her best to change Britt's mind.

Portia tells Curtis that Trina was really rattled in the courtroom today. Curtis and Marshall update her on the information on the bartender. Portia is grateful for what they've done so far. Curtis heads out and Portia continues to worry about Trina, and Marshall tries to reassure her. Portia says she's worried about the emotional toll and whether Trina's equipped to handle the stress.

Selina summons Curtis to commiserate about what Trina is going through. Selina says she's here to help and knows where Curtis can find the bartender right now.

Esme meets with Oz to let him know she no longer has access to Spencer's money. Oz says Esme can no longer afford his silence. He's ready to cut his losses from Esme, so she apologizes and asks for more time. Oz tells her about his visit from the Ashford men. The two share a drink and then make out. When Oz leaves the room to refill Esme's drink, she puts something in his, causing him to pass out. Curtis comes knocking at the door. 

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