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Days of Our Lives Recap: The Legion of Doom Descends on Salem

Days of Our Lives Recap for July 22, 2022
Legion of Doom, Days of Our Lives

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Statesville: The Governor has granted Orpheus his pardons, but he is still pissed at Evan for almost tanking the deal (Orpheus’ frustration with Evan’s lack of common sense tickles me). Just then, Dr. Rolf enters, as he has been pardoned as well. Evan explains that Kristen secured his release. (One wonders which folks will benefit from Dr. Rolf’s talents.) Dr. Rolf excitedly gathers things as Orpheus declares him a “freak show.”

After his exit, Orpheus gives Evan the paternity results so he can fetch Shawn Christian upon their release - he belongs with them and not “Marlena’s dim witted son-in-law. (Snarky Orpheus is the best Orpheus.)

Kristen’s fist is smarting from smacking the wall. Her fist feels much better now that she has been pardoned. Gwen says her goodbyes when Kristen tells her she got Gwen a full pardon too! Kristen explains she is a loyal friend. Gwen helped her escape and she’s repaying the favor. Kristen thinks this must be how Oprah feels - You get a pardon and you get a pardon and you get a pardon! (Giggle.) Gwen wonders why Kristen didn’t secure Lani a pardon. She couldn’t because the Governor sent her out of state (detail is appreciated). Suddenly, it occurs to Gwen that she’s getting out and she embraces Kristen.

Orpheus, Kristen, Evan, Gwen, and Dr. Rolf make their exit from Statesville (in a very villainous, slo-mo, fashion). Afterwards, Kristen, Gwen, and Dr. Rolf discuss their next moves. Kristen saved Dr. Rolf because of his history with Stefano, but more so because she’s going to need his services. After Rolf exits, Gwen probes Kristen about her plans - which she isn’t ready to reveal. Gwen has no real plans since Xander is with Sarah. Kristen assures her she’s more interesting than that ditzy Sarah Horton. She doesn’t understand her attraction to Xander, but thinks she should go after what she wants.

Belle/Shawn: Shawn Douglas and Belle are shooting the breeze when Shawn D decides to apologize. Chloe helped Shawn D understand how unfair he has been to Belle since Shawn Christian’s unfortunate conception. He should have involved Belle in every decision he made. Belle admits she didn’t make things easy for him. She goes on to admit that when the chips are down in their marriage, she always turns to the comfort of an available man and his very available bed. Belle assures Shawn D that she isn’t in love with EJ. Just then, Shawn Douglas gets a text about the pardons.

Belle gets a call from Marlena telling her to be careful since Orpheus is on the loose. Just then, Evan arrives to get his son - the one they call Shawn Christian. Evan explains how he hooked up with Jan and Orpheus altered the paternity results.

Salem PD: Xander wants Rafe to release Sarah IMMEDIATELY! He also thinks she shouldn’t be without a lawyer. (FINALLY, someone mentions the lack of lawyers during interrogation.) Xander deduced that Lucas pointed the finger at Sarah (because maybe it was the first thing that popped into his “wee head” - HA!). Xander is so mad that he and Sarah aren’t married, and currently not enjoying newlywed sex! Just then, Rafe gets a call from Abe informing him of the Governor’s mass pardons.

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Jada tells Sarah that Lucas is the person who named her as a person of interest. Jada wastes no time asking about Sarah’s medications. The meds are controlling hallucinations associated with the after effects of her repeated druggings. Sarah explains the drug was forced upon her by Kristen. Sarah tells her what happened both before and after she was taken to DiMera Island. (Get ready, Jada. Salem is unlike any place you’ve ever been.) Sarah explains how she’s been hallucinating different folks in town were Kristen and the details of those incidentsm- including threatening Chanel with a knife. (WHERE IS YOUR LAWYER?!?!). They discuss the events of the evening of Abigail’s murder. Sarah says she was never at the mansion. Jada says her version of events contradicts Lucas’ recollection. Jada thinks she killed Abigail. Since Sarah isn’t under arrest, she decides to take her exit.

Jake/Ava: Ava was talking to Tripp when Jake returns to their lover nest. Ava fills Jake in on the Gubernatorial pardons - including Kristen's. Jake wonders if Ava pulled some strings. She didn’t, but she loves that Jake thinks she wields that kind of power.

Jake checks his phone and informs Ava that both Dr. Rolf and Gwen have also been pardoned. Jake tells Ava how Kristen saved his job by backing Gabi at the DiMera board meeting. Kristen told him they would do great things together. Just then, Kristen knocks on the door.

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-Xander and Sarah review the events of the day whilst strolling through Horton Square. Sarah wonders how this day could get any worse when Gwen arrives to tell them of her full pardon.

-Dr. Rolf toasts Stefano’s portrait and says it’s good to be home. He wants to continue to do his work. He taps the coin which opens the secret door to the DiMera tunnels.

-Kristen enters and Jake and Ava congratulate her on her pardon. Kristen immediately reminds Jake he owes her multiple favors. The first will be a place to stay. She grabs Ava’s wine and takes a seat on the bed.

-Evan wants to head to University Hospital for a paternity test. Shawn Douglas wants Evan to hit the road. He agrees, but will be back soon with a court order.

-Jada and Rafe are outside the Brady Pub discussing the Governor’s pardons when Orpheus arrives. He assures Rafe he will now be on the straight and narrow. 

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