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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: A Traumatized Li Remains Silent Despite Bill’s Best Efforts

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for July 25, 2022
Bill Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Furious Finn: Finn’s anger with Sheila inspires his legs to work properly and he hops out of bed like a spring chicken! He challenges Ridge for the GROWLING title by saying he’s going to do what someone should have done to Shelia a long time ago. HE’S LEAVING, BUT NOT BEFORE HE MAKES HER PAY FOR EVERYTHING SHE’S DONE!

Finn begins to choke Sheila to make sure justice is served. Then, Sheila calmly grabs a syringe and pokes him in the side. Not having thought through his VERY RAGE-FILLED PLAN, Finn’s falls to the ground. Sheila shivers as if served a drink with more alcohol than she anticipated.

Sheila somehow got Finn’s lifeless body back into bed by herself when she hears Mike bellowing from outside the door. He explains that he was questioned by the police and, inexplicably, Brooke and Ridge.

Sheila is furious that he came to her location. How could he be so foolish? Mike quickly reminds Sheila he is doing her a favor. (Many, many, favors!) Sheila wants him to get a grip, but Mike says Sheila is the one who needs to get a grip, as she is basically holding a son who hates her hostage. Just then, Finn rouses (that was quick) and overhears the tomfoolery happening in the foyer. 

Lethargic Li: Bill is trying to talk to a silent Li as she sits in his living room (which still makes zero sense - has Liam inhabited his body?). She doesn’t want him to call the hospital, but she is drinking a little water whilst Bill regales her with stories of his sons. His stories prompt a response in her of which Bill takes note.

As she eats a little food (the cook must be in residence), Bill informs Li he has called a doctor he trusts to check her out. Just then, Dr. David Hayward, er, I mean Dr. Jordan Armstrong arrives. He takes a seat next to a suspicious Li and tries to figure out what happened to her.

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Flashback to Li’s physical encounters with Sheila and her fiery, yet watery crash. Dr. Armstrong and Bill move away from Li, and both agree she has been through something traumatic. (Good grief…) Bill says he thinks he needs to push her harder and hopefully get her to tell him her name. (Maybe allowing Li some time alone to shower and freshen up would help.)

Bonding Brothers: Liam and Wyatt are hanging out at Los Angeles’ newest eatery. (Thank you to the writers for having Liam notice that Wyatt may have been there all day long). The subject quickly turns to Steffy and Liam needs to give Wyatt the lowdown. Liam lets him know that Steffy has checked herself in to a mental health facility. Wyatt responds saying we all know who can be blamed for her current predicament. (Thank you, Captain Obvious!)

Liam ignores Wyatt’s obvious observations and tells him about Mike Guthrie. It appears he’s involved, but all the evidence is circumstantial. Growing weary of discussing Steffy and Sheila, Wyatt turns the conversation to his concerns about Bill living all by his lonesome in that great big house. 

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-Mike correctly deduces that Sheila “harpooned” Finn with another syringe. Sheila confirms and explains how she told him the truth about what happened to Li. Mike is DONE and quickly exits. Sheila checks on Finn who is still VERY ANGRY and vows to make her pay.

-Liam and Wyatt decide to call Bill, who is struggling to tell them about what’s happening at his house. Liam and Wyatt both seem somewhat unclear about why their dad brought a traumatized alley woman home with him. Liam quickly fills in Bill about Steffy’s current situation, which prompts him to say Finn’s name out loud - Li immediately reacts and experiences flashbacks - yet no words can push forth from her traumatized lips. 

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