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Perkie's Observations: Josslyn Threatens to Expose Sonny's Dark Side on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 25, 2022
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Josslyn Jacks, General Hospital

Eden McCoy

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis breaks down Oz's door and finds him passed out on the couch, while Esme hides in a back room. Curtis calls 911 and an ambulance takes Oz to the hospital.

Dex and Sonny rough up Felty and warn him they'll make him disappear. Josslyn catches them in the act, having recorded the whole thing. She threatens to go to the police, but Sonny says if he's arrested, Donna and Avery will lose their father. Josslyn says he stopped caring about the girls in Nixon Falls and they'll get along without him now. Sonny tells her not to punish her siblings and storms off.

Dex begs Josslyn not to call the police, saying he'll get arrested as well. Dex claims they weren't going to kill Felty, just scare him. He explains that Felty was selling drugs to Sasha, but Josslyn asks if Dex would have let Sonny kill him. Dex says this could ruin his life, so Josslyn agrees to delete the video.

Valentin and Anna have a date, but she's not happy with his lies. Anna says she called the clinic and knows he was released weeks before he returned to PC. Valentin claims he developed a severe infection and was moved to a different facility for treatment. He says he depended on Victor to take care of Charlotte.

Anna says she could have helped him had he told her what was going on. Anna says he's been different since he's been back and she wants to know why. Valentin acknowledges it's been difficult for them and the two kiss.

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Ava complains to Nikolas about Trina's trial, but are interrupted by Spencer, who asks for details. Ava goes over the day with Spencer, while Nikolas gets a text from Esme and heads out. Ava says they need some sort of miracle witness to come forward.

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Esme claims their secret is weighing on her and wants to come clean about sleeping together. Nikolas says it was a one time thing that will hurt everyone if it comes out. Esme whines about feeling adrift without the internship at Spring Ridge, so Nikolas agrees to make sure she's reinstated.

Carly invites Drew over so Michael and Willow can announce their pregnancy. He congratulates them on the good news. Talk turns to the Quartermaines and all the backstabbing. Michael says they never should have trusted Ned and swears they'll help Carly recoup what she's lost.

Willow questions Michael about his stand against Sonny. She points out that Carly is fine and moving forward, but Michael isn't ready to let go.

Molly complains to TJ about Trina's trial, saying DA Arden took her off of the case. Curtis heads to the hospital to check on Oz, who's being treated by TJ . Curtis explains to them the possible connection between Oz and Esme. TJ tells them he put Oz in a medically-induced coma and will see what drugs are in his system. Curtis says Oz told him a woman gave him something, but can't prove anything until he recovers.

Esme calls the hospital and finds out Oz is unconscious and will be in the ICU.

Alone, Carly and Drew get flirty with each other. Just before they kiss, Sonny storms in and tells her to get Josslyn under control. Sonny tells Carly about Josslyn's threat to tell the police about what she saw.

Carly says Josslyn is an adult and can do what she wants, but Sonny accuses Carly of egging Josslyn on. Drew tells Sonny he should leave and Carly tells Sonny to stop barking orders at her. Sonny warns Carly she's already lost her hotel and there is more to lose.

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