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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Li Tells a Skeptical Bill and Liam That Finn is Still Alive

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for July 26, 2022
Li Finnegan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Naomi Matsuda

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Deacon and Taylor Sitting in a Tree: Ridge and Taylor are getting their affairs in order before leaving for Monaco. Deacon knocks on the door and tries to make a joke about her big bodyguard. Taylor tells him that she and Ridge are headed to support Steffy in her time of trauma.

Deacon knows she will be able to help Steffy. Taylor thanks him, but says they shouldn’t see each other in this capacity upon her return. Deacon says he won’t push back if Taylor wants him to stay away. They both understand the issue is, as always, Ridge. Taylor can’t handle any further conflict right now.

Deacon doesn’t understand why Ridge gets to make all the rules. He’s married to Brooke. Why does Ridge get to dictate who Taylor sees? Taylor says he’s making a “sharp” point - see what she did there? (These two are GOLD.) Deacon takes a step and says he thinks when she returns they should give this thing a shot. Taylor is clearly intrigued, then humored when Deacon says she must be curious about all of his Deacon-ness. (Watch the episode to see the adorable way this scene played out.) Taylor says this thing, whatever it is, can’t happen because she is heading to Monaco with Ridge. Deacon is flustering Taylor and he knows it (ADORABLE!).

Why Can’t Finn Be Grateful? Finn begins to awaken from his latest sedation. Sheila sets ground rules basically telling him to calm his behind down so he can continue to heal. He reminds Sheila that Li is gone because of her. Sheila thinks Finn’s got it twisted. Li lied to her and forced her hand.

Finn wants Sheila to prove her love for him by sending him home to be with his family. They continue to go back and forth with Sheila, saying all she ever wanted was to tell him how proud she is of him, and how much she regretted giving him up. Finn asks her to set him free. Sheila tells Finn she can’t let him go as he would jeopardize all the progress he’s made. Why can’t Finn be grateful? He counters that all he wants is a little mercy…which were the wrong words. Sheila goes IN and reminds him that Steffy never showed her any mercy.

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Tingling Spencey Sense: Li got a good night’s rest, has cleaned up, and been given access to hair products as she sits on Bill’s sofa flashing back to Finn in his hospital bed. Bill enters with the gift of caffeine wondering if she’s ready to chat. Bill decides to tell Li about himself (his favorite subject) in an effort to prompt her to talk. She immediately becomes agitated and leaves the room.

Just then, Liam enters and wants to meet Bill’s new homeless houseguest. Bill tells Liam that Li is in HER ROOM (really?). Liam is perplexed as to why Bill has brought this woman home with him. Bill explains he decided to help a woman in need, and assumes that Liam, of all people, would understand. Liam speaks for the audience and says none of this feels very much like Bill (Thank you!). Bill says he wants to be impactful in the immediate. Liam very strangely plays Bill’s usual role and reminds him that he has no idea who this woman is. Bill is convinced she has a story to tell. His Spence-y sense is tingling. As they continue to talk, Li listens from around the corner.

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-Taylor arrives just a little late and hops on the plane with Ridge. They take off, and discuss their desire to see Steffy and the kids.

-Sheila explains how Steffy followed, berated, and threatened her in the back alley of Il Giardino. Steffy and Li used her desire to love Finn against her. They lied to her. Finn begs Sheila to give him back his wife and son.

-Li comes around the corner and Liam immediately recognizes her as Finn’s mother. She acknowledges his identification, but still can’t find words. Liam and Bill really don’t understand what the hell is going on…cue Li’s Flashback to Sheila vs. Li: The Mini-Series. Just then, she utters the name “Sheila.” Once the floodgates open, she tells a very skeptical Bill and Liam that Finn is still alive. 

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