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Perkie’s Observations: Spencer Questions Why Nikolas is Helping Esme on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 26, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today’s General Hospital recap: 

Carly asks Josslyn about her run in with Sonny last night. Josslyn explains what happened and refuses to apologize or pretend that it didn't happen. She says she's done looking the other way when it comes to Sonny. Carly says Josslyn has to think of the collateral damage, especially for Donna and Avery.

Josslyn doesn't think being a father excuses Sonny's crimes. Carly says she's trying to move past things and can't do that if she's worried about Josslyn going after Sonny. Josslyn says she deleted the footage because of Dex, but calls him an idiot for working for Sonny. Carly points out that Jason worked for Sonny and wasn't an idiot, but Joss disagrees. She wonders if Jason was an idiot for making sacrifices for Sonny, and points out that Carly is also an idiot for putting up with Sonny all these years. (I'm liking Josslyn calling everyone an idiot. It's only for a minute before she annoys me again, but I'll take my grains of salt wherever I can.) 

Carly says she won't defend Sonny, but would like to co-exist for Donna and Avery's sake and tells Josslyn to stay away from him. Carly thinks her anger towards Sonny is about the DA making her look bad on the stand. 

Nina has issues with an employee who gets lippy with her until Sonny comes to her defense. Sonny tells Aaron that he can't disrespect his boss and he apologizes to Nina. Sonny and Nina argue about her keeping the hotel. A decision he disagrees with. Sonny says he'll always be honest with her, and if she can't deal with it things aren't going to work. 

The two continue to argue and Nina warns him that he can't coddle her; Sonny didn't coddle Carly. Sonny says he had the worst fights with Carly, but Nina says she doesn't want an abusive relationship. Sonny says they need to stop comparing what they have with what he had with Carly. Nina says his loyalty has to be with her and not Carly, but Sonny says Carly is the mother of his children. 

Taggert and Rory do their best to keep Trina's spirits up for day two of her trial. Rory apologizes for yesterday's testimony which didn't go well and promises to make it up to her.

DA Arden is less than thrilled to see Rory at the courthouse since he's not testifying, but he says he's not working today and is there as a private citizen. Trina tells Rory that she knows he's putting himself out on a limb for her and is grateful for his support.

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Curtis tells Portia that he spent the night at the hospital in case Oz woke up. She wants to know details of how he found Oz, as Jordan arrives, asking the same question. Curtis thanks Jordan for her spin on things on the stand. Jordan says she'll always be on the side of justice then pushes Curtis on how he found Oz.

Curtis explains to Jordan about following the phone to the bartender who identified Esme. He tells her about finding Oz, knowing that he went to Wyndemere and that he's now in the hospital. Jordan agrees to investigate further.

Spencer demands to know if Esme plans on exonerating Trina or not, but she hasn't made a decision. Esme says she can't help Trina without going to prison herself. She claims she did everything for him, but Spencer doesn't want to hear it again. Esme says Trina is the reason she lost him.

Ava receives divorce papers and tells Nikolas that they need to be signed. Nikolas says he can't sign them, and says he was wrong in pushing for the divorce. The two agree to dispose of the papers.

Nikolas tells Esme that he pulled strings and reinstated her at Spring Ridge. Esme heads out to call the hospital to check on Oz, while Spencer questions why Nikolas is helping Esme. Nikolas says he did it for Spencer who he says he didn't ask his father for help. Spencer says things are complicated with Esme. Nikolas says he's doing his best not to make mistakes anymore and that he loves Spencer.

Portia calls Taggert and tells him that one of her patients needs emergency surgery and won't make it to the courthouse.

Carly gets a call that Donna was hurt and tells Josslyn that she has to leave the courthouse.

Jordan heads to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas.

Esme calls Spring Ridge to ask for permission to see Ryan right away.

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