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The Young and the Restless Recap: Did Nick Kill Ashland Locke?

The Young and the Restless Recap for July 25, 2022
Nicholas Newman, The Young and the Restless

Joshua Morrow

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

House of Death: Nicholas arrives at Victoria’s house, yelling from the outside. Inside, she’s ignoring him/doesn’t hear him because Ashland IS REALLY INSISTENT THAT EVERYONE HAS SCREWED HIM OVER!

She hears her phone ring and assumes it's her security detail. She wants him to leave… NOW! Ashland says that everything he did to her, she did to him. He was willing to change FOR HER! He should have let her die in that car accident…maybe then he could have believed she actually loved him (damn!).

Victoria says their love was based on a lie because he was only pretending to be something he has never been. Ashland is nowhere near the man Victor is, much less Bobby DiFranco whom he left in New Jersey (are we taking bets how quickly a not so dead Bobby DiFranco shows up?).

Victoria declares him pathetic, sad, ugly, and disgusting (all but sticking her tongue out at him) before he grabs her. She pushes him away. She grabs the fire poker that still has the whiff of J.T.’s skull still on it, just as Nicholas arrives all bowed up (folks from the South will understand) and ready for a fight!

Ashland says all the Newmans are the same and moves toward Victoria. Nicholas pushes him back, telling her to call the police. Ashland tells Victoria to stay put and Nicholas puts his hands on him for the second time, and tells him to stand back.

Victoria inaccurately says Ashland broke into her house, and threatened and grabbed her. (He was creepily standing at the window, but Victoria let him in.) Victoria’s words trigger an amped up Nicholas, who screams at Ashland and goes upside his head… sending him to the floor.

Nicholas screams at Ashland's clearly unconscious, and/or dead, body. After Nicholas finishes being all frat boy, he leans down and can’t find a pulse. Victoria (rightfully) doesn’t trust his medical judgement and checks herself. She stands back up with blood on her hands and says he’s dead.

She doesn't call the police because Victoria wants Nicholas to get Ashland out of her house - maybe they should call Victor? Nicholas says it’s a clear case of self-defense. (Really? Only a Newman would think that way.).

Nicholas decides they should call Chance because he’s family. (Really? NOW you involve Abby and her folks?). Abby agrees to call Chance whilst Nicholas gets some air. (Does anyone else think this feels very “wash, rinse, repeat” of J.T.’s “death”?)

Victoria joins Nicholas outside in the stormy wind and they review the quick events of the evening. Nicholas needs to get his story straight…Ashland attacked Victoria and was coming after her again, right? Victoria confirms it was an accident as he “fell” and hit his head. Victoria wonders what she can do. (Besides admitting you kind of poured gasoline on the fire?)

Grand Plans: Nikki is speaking with Victor about Adam’s warnings about Ashland, as she enters The Grand Phoenix. Phyllis walks up hoping Nikki’s investigators have gotten some dirt on Diane - nothing yet. Ashley just texted she can’t make it tonight. Phyllis says there is NOTHING more important than getting rid of Diane (for the love…). Nikki thinks Phyllis needs to calm down.

Phyllis explains she is riled up because Summer is happy with Diane because of what she did for Harrison. Nikki and Phyllis sing the same song, as they don’t understand how Diane continues to convince folks she has redeemed herself.

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Phyllis has an idea. She thinks if Diane were to fail “spectacularly” at Marchetti she could feel forced to leave - but they would need to orchestrate it. (Does anyone else think this should blow up “spectacularly” in their faces?). Nikki knew she could count on Phyllis to be devious and underhanded! The problem could be they don’t have anyone on the inside at Marchetti. Phyllis reminds Nikki that Summer offered her a job at the company months ago, but she turned it down because of Jack.

Little Ditty…Diane arrives at the Abbott mansion as a storm is a-brewing. She wants to talk to Kyle, but they’re not around. Jack wants to thank her for protecting Harrison from Ashland . Diane humbly says she did what anyone would have done in that situation. Jack stops her and says that she was very brave.

Jack points out that Kyle noticed her actions as well. Diane really wants to see Kyle, but Jack doesn’t know when he and Summer will return. Diane stops short of leaving and says that maybe Jack can help her out. She explains how she is wondering about immediate expectations vs. long-term goals. Jack isn’t convinced she’s lost her gift for dealing with these types of situations. Diane isn’t sure if he’s being serious or mean. A flirty Jack says he’ll never tell and offers to pour her a drink. (I know I’m supposed to want Jack to steer clear, but I am LOVING this interaction!)

Diane thinks it’s a waste of time to try and fool Jack considering their history (well played), and has decided to just be honest about her insecurities. Jack tells her he understands because Kyle will always cut for her, but Summer could be more difficult. Diane concurs as she thinks her old bag of tricks won’t work on her. Jack wonders if one of her tricks is to pretend to show up at the house looking for Kyle when she really wanted Jack’s advice - Diane says, “I’ll never tell.” (SQUEAL!). 

Jack thinks she needs to relax, but Diane thinks she needs to up her game. Jack reminds her the most important things about PR in the Abbott world is integrity and honesty, which could be difficult for her.

Diane understands his words, but hopes there is a day where folks stop rubbing her history in her face. She really gets what a gift she’s been given and knows how difficult it must be for him to just accept what’s happening.

Jack clearly rejects their friendly encounter, indicating none of his acceptance has been about her. She follows up by asking if he wants to know a secret - she hopes that one day they can be friends. She’s made a bet with herself and wonders what her odds are. Suddenly, Jack seems tired and is done telling her she doesn’t want to know.

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-Diane thanks Jack for letting her look in on Harrison. Jack says, OUR grandson can put a smile on your face, even when asleep. Diane does her job and points out how Jack invoked “OUR” when discussing Harrison - which warms her heart. Diane makes her exit, just as the winds of change seem to have taken place.

-Nikki doubles down and says that someone on the inside could work magic for them. She thinks Phyllis should tell Summer she’s had a change of heart.

-Victoria finds Nicholas in the woods beyond the house to check if he’s okay (and also leaving a supposedly “dead” Ashland alone). She reminds him how he saved her life tonight - Nicholas is freaked out because he “took a man’s life.” They hug to secure their bond and return before Chance can arrive.

As they re-enter the house, they notice the French doors are ajar and ASHLAND IS NO LONGER DEAD BY THE FIREPLACE! 

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