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Days of Our Lives Recap: Sarah Pulls a Knife on Gwen

Days of Our Lives Recap for July 26, 2022
Sarah Horton, Days of Our Lives

Linsey Godfrey

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Kristen gleefully tells Chloe and Brady that she is their new boss - they should give Gabi a call if they have doubts. Kristen did Gabi a solid a few months ago and now she is paying her back. Kristen assures Brady that she and Nicole are still CEOs.

Kristen is the new DiMera executive in charge of Basic Black. Her first order of business is to fire Chloe… she’s just kidding. Brady and Chloe remind Kristen that contractually all decisions must pass by both him and Nicole. They then decide it’s a good idea to taunt Kristen and begin making out. Kristen decides to report Chloe to HR for sexual harassment. 

Nicole is being held hostage by a robber (Greg) at gun point whilst Eric, in his running clothes, tries to talk him down from harming her. He wants Nicole’s purse or he will shoot her - NOW! Eric assures Greg he’s just trying to help him. Nicole tries to back up Eric’s words (Why in the world won’t they just give him Nicole’s purse!?!?!). Greg grabs Nicole’s purse and pushes her to the ground. While Eric is comforting her, Rafe arrives acting like a neanderthal. Once he figures out what is going on, Rafe apologizes for being a jerk. They leave the scene when it becomes painfully obvious that Nicole has injured her ankle.

Jake and Ava are in Horton Square. He’s explaining to her about their certain connection - maybe they could be the loves of each others’ lives. He DREAMILY tells her her (whilst rubbing her face and stroking her hair - SWOON!) that he wants to marry her. He wants them to tell all of Salem they are in it for the long haul.

Jake leaves for a bit and returns with a ring. It’s the ring Xander bought for Gwen. She wavers on keeping it, but decides “what the hell.” He asks her to marry him, she accepts, and he places the ring on her finger. Just then, Greg the local thief arrives and wants Ava to hand over "the rock.”

Maggie is comforting Sarah in the Kiriakis living room. She says nothing is Sarah’s fault - the Horton Family Slogan. Sarah agrees saying that Kristen DiMera is to blame for everything. Once that was settled, they sit down and talk trash about Gwen. They quickly get bored and return to the possibility that Sarah killed Abigail - perhaps thinking she was Kristen. Maggie suggests that until she’s charged with a crime or remembers something specific, she should live her life. They agree to give the wedding a do over.

Gwen arrives to have a chat with a scantily clad Xander. He’s disgusted that she and the rest of the legion of doom were released onto the streets of Salem (glass houses, Xander).

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Gwen read about Sarah and her possible connection to Abigail’s murder. She knows it’s all her fault and begins to cry. As Xander comforts her, Sarah arrives and gets immediately furious. Gwen asks for forgiveness and then strangely pulls out a gun, threatening Sarah and Xander. Sarah grabs a knife and goes toe to toe with Gwen until it becomes clear she is hallucinating. Everyone is freaked out. Gwen begs Xander to be careful around Sarah and makes her exit.

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-Nicole agrees to go to the hospital. Rafe wants to go, but remembers he has a duty to serve and protect. Eric seems more than happy to take his place.

-Ava agrees to take off the ring when Jake steps in and tells her to stay put. He explains to Greg how they just got engaged. Greg the thief responds by shooting him. (Very “I am your singing telegram” from Clue.)

-Gabi is trying to work when Brady walks in demanding answers about why she unloaded Kristen on Basic Black.

-Kristen returns to the office to find a Brady-less Chloe. She informs Chloe she gave her report to HR. Chloe tells Kristen to bring it on and declares war.

-Sarah emerges from the bathroom and apologizes to Gwen for pulling a knife. Gwen accepts responsibility for giving Sarah the drug and exits. Sarah is distraught. When will the hallucinations stop?

-Sonny arrives at the Kiriakis mansion bellowing for Uncle Victor. What he finds is a hot, sweaty man who is very definitely not Uncle Vic.

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