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Perkie’s Observations: Esme is Advised Not to Trust Spencer on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 27, 2022
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Esme Prince, General Hospital

Avery Pohl

On today’s General Hospital recap: 

Jordan questions Nikolas, who has no idea about Oz's visit to Wyndemere. Jordan mentions that Oz was seen on the launch to Spoon Island but on the return. Nikolas claims to have no idea how Oz would have gotten off the island. Jordan tells Nikolas she believes Oz sold the incriminating phone to Esme, and he is now hospitalized and unable to testify.

Nikolas finally uses his fingers to figure out that two plus two equals four, and Esme is behind everything. He worries what Esme will do to Ava. Victor arrives as Nikolas is rushing out. Victor is not amused to learn that Nikolas and Esme slept together, and tells Nikolas to get rid of Esme now. Nikolas says he would lose Spencer if he did something to Esme. He just wants to get to Ava before Esme does. 

Esme visits with Ryan and explains about being banned from Spring Ridge. She says she guilted Nikolas into having her privileges reinstated, but Ryan warns her that Nikolas might get tired of threats and tell Ava about their tryst himself. Ryan feels Esme is being short-sighted.

Ryan tells her to keep her distance from the Cassadines now, but Esme thinks she needs to stay at Wyndemere a few more days. Esme tells Ryan about Spencer wanting her to exonerate Trina in exchange for her mother's identity. Ryan thinks taking the deal is a bad idea, which leads Esme to ask him to reveal her identity. 

Ryan spins a tale of a woman and how he didn't even know her name. He points out that Spencer might be lying or won't hold up his end of the deal. Esme says she doesn't have to confess, just find a way to exonerate Trina. She also mentions running away but Ryan won't allow it. Esme warns him that she might throw him under the bus if it means avoiding jail time.

Ryan gets up and looks like he's about to do something to her, but ends up hugging her. Ryan says Esme and her mother mean the world to him and that he doesn't want to lose her. Esme swears she would never leave or betray him. Ryan promises that if she doesn't take Spencer's deal, that once he's out, he'll help her find her mother.

Cody accidentally, on purpose, runs into Britt at the pool, and complains that she's avoiding him. Cody wants Britt to let him make it up to her. Alone, with Maxie, Britt complains about Cody, but Maxie thinks they're perfectly matched.

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Cody apologizes for what happened on the date and promises to be better going forward. Britt accepts his apology but turns him down when he asks for another date. After Britt leaves, Cody tries to get information from Maxie, who's championing his cause.

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Jordan heads to the hospital to get information about Oz’s drug overdose from Britt. Based on the information she has, Britt mentions that there is no record of Oz having filled a prescription for that drug. She's concerned there is another drug problem, like when Cyrus was running things, but Jordan says it has more to do with Trina's trial. Britt remembers Spencer asking about the drug and wonders if she should mention it.

Spencer heads to the courthouse and tells Trina that he's there for her. He says he's going to tell the truth, even though Trina reminds him that he's the prosecution's star witness.  

On the stand, DA Arden questions Spencer about Trina's whereabouts the night at the cabin. Spencer testifies he didn't see Trina after she went into her room, but Esme also left the room for a bit. Spencer is forced to testify that Trina was the only one at the cabin with Josslyn and Cameron after he left.

Off the stand, Trina confronts Spencer about testifying against her, though he reminds her he was forced to testify.

ADA Arden calls Esme and tells her to be in court in 10 minutes or she'll be held in contempt.

Diane points out to Trina that Spencer couldn't vouch for all of Esme’s time at the cabin and she'll be using that when Esme takes the stand.

Ava tells Spencer that he could have given Esme an iron clad alibi and didn't. She wonders who's side he's really on.

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