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WATCH: Steve Burton Reflects on Working With Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Co-Stars (VIDEO)

Michael Fairman, Steve Burton

Michael Fairman, Steve Burton

Steve Burton (Harris, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem; ex-Jason, General Hospital) recently caught up with Michael Fairman TV. The pair chatted Burton's GH departure and working with his BS co-stars.

Fairman queried whether Burton still feels the same way now about his choice to depart GH over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The actor responded:

I do, I do, yes. I do. There was really no doubt in my mind, honestly; you know, it was just something that I believed in and you know, I just couldn't, I could not do it. And yeah, look, I always say you gotta follow your gut in life, right? Anytime I've ever gone against my gut instinct or my conscience, it's usually not a good result, you know? And that's why regret is always a guideline. Your conscience is your guideline. So I don't think I could have really lived with myself if I went against it.

Burton appeared on the recent Peacock series Beyond Salem, reprising his DAYS role of Harris Michaels. In the streaming show, Harris was a love interest for Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso). Burton noted the scenes they shot together were important ones between their characters (and shot out of narrative sequence). As a result, he explained:

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But the greatest thing about her was she has amazing eyes as an actress, like, just eyes that I can really connect with. And it was a highly emotional day and I said and I was talking to somebody and I was like, 'It's kind of like she was...she helped me stay anchored, just by looking in her eyes that day, because it was emotional stuff.'

Burton did some Beyond Salem promo with Deidre Hall (Marlena), saying:

And it was interesting, 'cause she kept mentioning how much extra time they had on Beyond Salem. Because we all know the time constraints of daytime and all this stuff, right? We're trying to do so much, 100+ pages a day, blah blah blah, but with Beyond Salem, they did...I was like, this feels like 1994. Like, we're getting four takes. This is crazy.

Watch the complete interview below.