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The Young and the Restless Recap: Sharon Educates Sally About Adam

The Young and the Restless Recap for July 26, 2022
Sharon Newman, The Young and the Restless

Sharon Case

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Half-Truths and Omissions: Victoria and Nicholas are awaiting for Chance. They both agree that Ashland had no pulse, but clearly they are not medical professionals. Just then, Victor arrives to protect Victoria (a day late and a dollar short, pops!). Chance arrives and asks them to update him on the events of the evening. Victoria tells Chance about the evening and how she just knew Ashland was going to kill her. Victoria was very grateful that Nicholas arrived when he did. 

Side Note: Victoria tells Chance she let Ashland in when she told Nicholas that he “broke in and attacked her.”

They explain that Ashland was crazed and Victoria went to the kitchen to call the police. Nicholas goes on to say they got physical with each other (which is not exactly what happened), and Ashland fell to the ground, hitting his head. Victor assesses that Nicholas was defending himself (again, not exactly what happened). Chance hesitantly agrees, but wonders where Ashland is.

Chance examines the edge of the fireplace and the pool of blood. He explains that sometimes a pulse is hard to find. He immediately moves on to establishing a time line. If Victoria called him immediately after Ashland hit his head, it would have taken him 15 minutes to arrive. Victor wonders where Chance is going.

Family Catch Up: Summer and Kyle arrive at the GCAC pool to enjoy their evening. They immediately spot Noah and Allie, and are intrigued. They decide to crash their date and join them. They split up leaving Noah and Summer to catch up, and Kyle and Allie to get to know each other better.

Allie cuts straight to the point and asks about Diane. Allie explains she is undecided about Diane and she lets Kyle know she understands how divisive Diane is in Genoa City. Allie says she feels very lucky to be a part of the family and joining Jabot!

They all come back together when Allie pushes Noah to announce that he wants to transform the Top of the Tower into a hot club. Summer isn’t so sure his plan is going to work. Victor uses the Top of the Tower as a second office. Noah wonders if they’ve seen pictures of Victor in the 70’s - he had a Burt Reynolds vibe. They all stare aghast when Allie wonders who Burt Reynolds is. Summer thinks The Grand Phoenix has a space that could be a better fit for his idea. They toast to new possibilities.

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Coffee Shop Drama: Adam arrives at Crimson Lights. Adam tells Sharon he decided to depart from Newman just as Nicholas returned. Adam says he has declared his independence from Victor, but Sharon isn’t so sure. Adam explains his family has once again used him, abused him, and dropped him. He’s says he’s done and Sally overhears them.

Sharon says she has seen this wash, rinse, repeat cycle many times before, but supports him in his decision. Sally listens in as Sharon gives a bit of a clinical explanation of how Adam’s relationship with Victor (or lack thereof) dictates his behavior. Sharon thinks maybe Sally was a good influence on Adam. He quickly tells Sharon that he and Sally broke up. Though no fan of Sally, Sharon could see how well they worked together. Adam doesn’t really want to get into the details. Sharon reminds Adam they can be honest with one another. Adam reveals he wanted Sally to fly without him holding her back. Just then, Sally arrives and calls Adam out on his B.S. All she wants is to be with him. With that, Sharon takes her leave.

Adam also tries to leave, but Sally all but snatches him up by his neck. Sally lets Adam know she heard every last word he just spoke. He calls her pathetic and desperate, which leads Sally to slap, and then, kiss him. She doesn’t think he can deny he misses her. He can lie to everyone - even himself, but he can’t deny he loves her just as much as she loves him. They kiss again, but Adam breaks away saying Sally is making a fool of herself. With that, he exits, as Sharon observes.

Sharon asks if Sally wants to chat and she agrees. Sally explains she’s always been able to read people, but Adam’s latest turn is perplexing her. Sharon wonders what happened. Sally explains that Adam blamed all of his issues at Newman on her, but he said the exact opposite when chatting with Sharon. Sally thanks Sharon for helping her understand Adam’s relationship with Victor and wonders if she could help her out now. Sharon thinks Adam needs to step away from Victor, which will allow her to flourish at Newman Media. Sally thinks that should be her call. Sharon explains how it is a Newman trait to think you are protecting your loved ones, even when they are capable of making their own decisions.

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-Adam returns to his room at The Grand Phoenix alone. He immediately flashes back to his earlier make out session with Sally.

-Sharon wishes she could give Sally an easy answer, but it’s Adam. She reminds Sally that without Adam, she will be able to forge her own way at Newman Media. Sally just doesn’t understand why the family dynamics have to figure into their relationship. Sharon explains they are Newmans and the family is a package deal.

-Chance says they will find Ashland and then wonder if Victoria will want to press charges. (Will he ask Ashland if he wants to press charges against Nicholas?) Victoria says she wants him arrested and put away. Chance exits and says he will call with any news. Nicholas wastes no time turning to Victor and asking what role he played in the evening’s events. 

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