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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Finn Convinces Sheila to Let Him Go

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for July 27, 2022
Dr. John Finnegan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Tanner Novlan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Eternal Plane Ride: Ridge and Taylor are on their way to Monaco. She’s worried about Steffy and her depressive state. Taylor blames herself for not taking Steffy’s grief more seriously. Ridge says they will make it right when they get there. He says that Finn is the only person who can lift her darkness, but Finn is gone forever. They continue (for some time) to discuss how wonderful Finn was and how much they will try to support Steffy. Ridge is restless and Taylor is trying to appease him. The Wi-FI goes out just as Taylor is trying to social media stalk Li - whom they haven’t heard from in a while.

NO BRAIN ACTIVITY! Bill talks to Li like she is a child and tells her it’s clear that she experienced significant trauma. Liam follows up in child-like fashion and says they will find Sheila because she killed Finn.

Li stops them and says Finn is not dead. Bill believes that Li believes that Finn is alive. Li explains how everyone wrote him off except her. She refused to give up on him, and now she must stop Sheila. (Li is going to need to fill in some blanks.) Li explains she purposely put Steffy off when she asked about a memorial service.

She says when she took him from the hospital, Finn was on life-support with NO BRAIN ACTIVITY (WTF?). Li knew Finn could overcome NO BRAIN ACTIVITY!?!? She smuggled him out, signed the death certificate, and got him to a safe place. She was nursing Finn back to health…FROM NO BRAIN ACTIVITY! Then, Sheila arrived and turned their world upside down. She tried to warn the police about Sheila and then, the car accident. Li declares she must save Finn, AGAIN. (Thankfully, he has brain activity this time.) Bill and Li leave the house to rescue Finn!

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Final Stand: Finn is still pleading his case. How can he possibly believe Sheila loves him when she continuously takes away folks he loves? He begs, once again, to be returned to his family. Finn says Sheila carried him in the womb. She was the first human connection he had. How could she hold him there against his will? How could she let Steffy think he’s dead? (One wonders what will happen when he really understands that Li kept him away from his family for months.)

Sheila apologizes yet again and says she only had good intentions. Sheila thinks if given the chance, she could have proven herself worthy to be his mother and Hayes’ grandmother. Finn tells her she needs to stop trying to justify her unforgivable behavior. She tells him that shooting him was the worst thing she has ever done. (should we call Lauren?)

Finn says he won’t go another day not seeing his family. He reinforces how Sheila will never be allowed to terrorize Steffy and will never be allowed to see Hayes again. Just then, he gets up...and can suddenly stand on his own without any hesitancy. He declares she can’t stop him this time. It’s over! She stands aside and tells him to leave.

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-Taylor falls asleep on Ridge’s shoulder. When she awakens, she tells him of the dream she had of Steffy, Finn, and the entire family on the beach with a bonfire. (Anyone taking bets on whether or not that will be reenacted?)

-Finn stumbles as he walks past Sheila towards the front door. Just then, the door opens and Bill arrives - stunned that Finn really is alive! Li walks in behind him, much to Sheila’s chagrin. They gush and embrace as Sheila stands by - aghast at the events that have unfolded.