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Perkie's Observations: Ava Promises to Burn Nikolas to The Ground For His Betrayal on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for July 28, 2022
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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West

On today’s General Hospital recap: Mac talks to Dante about becoming Chief of Detectives when he retires. He feels it would be a good fit for Dante, but Dante's not thinking that far ahead.

Dante tells Sam he thinks they should move in together since it's the logical next step. Sam thinks things are good right now and doesn't think they need to change anything, but promises to think about it.

Willow asks TJ not to say anything to Michael about a possible health issue.

Brando's hesitant to leave Sasha at the hospital for her therapy appointment, though she reassures him. Michael and Willow bump into them, and Sasha says she knows they're pregnant. Willow realizes that Sasha knew about the pregnancy before she went on television and hugs her.

Grant shows up, wondering if Willow has forgiven Sasha for mowing down Harmony. After Grant leaves, Willow tries to convince Sasha she wasn't responsible for Harmony's death.

Felty's hospitalized and tells Dante it was a mugging. Dante pushes, but Felty says he wouldn't tell Dante anything. Grant pops in and Felty says he has a story for him. He tells Grant that Sasha was on drugs the night she ran over Harmony.

Brando heads to the gym, runs into Sonny, and admits he's worried. He says Sasha keeps shutting him down, but Sonny reminds him to keep showing up.

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Dex meets with Michael and says he has Sonny exactly where Michael wants him. Dex tells Michael that Josslyn saw them beating up on Felty. He says Sonny was grateful with how he handled Felty and can get further into his good graces. Michael wants Dex to be the person that Sonny turns to. Brando finds them chatting in the stairwell.

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Esme gets to the courthouse and throws veiled threats Ava's way. She says she can destroy Ava's world and says she doesn't know Nikolas as well she thinks. Nikolas arrives and warns Esme to keep quiet. Esme stalks off and Ava demands to know the truth.

Nikolas admits he made a mistake. When he thought they were over, he slept with Esme. He claims he was manipulated, but Ava wants to know how long it's been going on. Nikolas swears it was just the one time and puts the blame on Esme. Ava says she's done with him and promises to burn him to the ground.

Spencer demands to know what Esme plans on saying, insisting that she exonerate Trina. Esme points out that Trina is now interested in Rory and Spencer has lost out. Spencer tells her to do the right thing or get no information. Esme turns him down and says she'll find her birth mother a different way.

On the stand, Esme testifies that Trina was drinking, and got upset with Cameron and Josslyn, then stormed off to her room. Diane tries to paint a picture that Spencer's friends were not Esme's and she was jealous of them.

Diane tells Taggert she'll be calling Trina to the stand to show the jury who she really is. Trina agrees to do it, wanting to defend herself. Josslyn reminds Trina to tell the whole story, including Spencer as her alibi.

Spencer tells Diane he can fix this and during the commercial, tells her about running into Trina at the cemetery. Diane points out it won't necessarily exonerate Trina, but will put Spencer himself in jeopardy. He tells Diane he has to do it. Diane calls Spencer to the stand.

Ava gets back to Wyndemere in time to find Esme packing and calls her a conniving little whore. (Yep, let's get THIS show on the road!!)

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