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WATCH: General Hospital's Tabyana Ali on Trina's Love Interests: "It’s Going to be a Hard Decision" (VIDEO)

General Hospital's Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) is on trial in Port Charles...and is the object of two men's affections. Which guy is right for her: Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) or Rory (Michael Blake Kruse)? Ali dished all to ABC7 Chicago.

She shared:

You know what? It’s going to be a hard decision. Spencer and Trina have had all this history together and they have a lot of chemistry, but the thing is that he’s kind of like the bad boy, the rebel, but she likes that about him 'cause he’s so spontaneous. 

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However, good-guy cop Rory is also an option. She added:

Rory, on the other hand, is more of a good guy, and she likes that about him, too. He’s less drama, you know. So I don’t know, honestly, how Trina is going to pick between them because they’re both honestly great options.

Peep the chat below.