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B&B's Tanner Novlan and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Tease "Sinn" Reunion

Dr. John Finnegan, Steffy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

In their recent appearance on The TalkThe Bold and the Beautiful's Tanner Novlan (Finn) and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) sat down to chat all things "Sinn." With their characters seemingly on the road to reuniting, what obstacles are in their way?

What is Steffy's emotional state at the moment? MacInnes Wood explained:

Steffy is heartbroken. You know, she’s grieving. She has to try to move on with her life and try to heal. She can't be in Los Angeles anymore. Just everything reminds her of Finn and she has to raise their son on her own, so she is truly broken.

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Of course, she heads off to Monte Carlo to recoup. Unbeknownst to her, Finn is on his way to reunite with his family after being presumed dead and held prisoner. Novlan said with a laugh:

Well, you know, it's nice to see that Steffy's kind of mourning, because usually she kind of takes off with another man[...] So I think Finn's like, I've got to get to Steffy in a hurry, you know what I mean? But no, their love is so deep and so connected, and I think they have a really mature relationship, and he's doing everything he can to get back to his family.

Of the "Sinn" reunion, the actor teased:

It's going to be epic. It's one of the ones that I think they play on the reels of the highlights over the years. It's so good.