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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava Says Her Final Goodbyes to Jake DiMera

Days of Our Lives Recap for July 28, 2022
Ava Vitali, Days of Our Lives

Tamara Braun

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Hard Choices: Chanel is struggling with the choice she is forced to make. Paulina says she’ll help out - does she prefer penis or vagina? (Anatomically correct names? Well played DAYS writers!). Chanel gets very uncomfortable when Paulina reminds them they are grown ass women and should be able to discuss important relationship issues - one of which is sex.

Chanel explains her preferences are more about the person and not their equipment. They decide to make a pro/con list. Johnny has many wonderful qualities and she tells a story of their time in Italy. Allie is Chanel’s best friend. She loves everything about her. Johnny takes everything in stride, but Allie feels it all. She’s an empath. Paulina gets her struggle and thinks the twins are lucky to have her in their lives.

Cherry vs. Peach: Allie and Johnny tell Tony about the ultimatum they gave Chanel. Tony is a little more concerned about the pie he’s going to buy, but allows them to continue. Johnny assumes Tony will be Team DiMera and root for him to win her affections. Tony reminds them he is very fond of Chanel, and as Anna tells him, it’s always a woman’s right to choose her destiny.

As leaves, Allie wonders which pie he wants. She presents him with cherry, but Johnny wonders if he would prefer peach (giggle). They go on about their respective pies when Steve arrives to partake of their samples. They get overly aggressive with their sales pitches. (Johnny refers to her and her pie as “a little tart”) and they both end up with pie all over their faces. Before they continue, Chanel texts them both.

Betrayal vs. Grief: Chad is yelling at Rafe about Abigail’s murder investigation when EJ wanders in to ask if he has made a decision about giving him the shares of DiMera. He says he granted Chad enough time to grieve and it’s time to pay the piper (EJ’s referring to himself as the piper may have elicited inappropriate giggles.)

Chad agrees to give him the shares. EJ tells him he should also pack his bags and get out. Just as EJ banishes Chad, Tony arrives. They both act like petulant children looking for daddy’s approval. (Is Tony now the patriarch?) Tony tries to reason with EJ that now is not the time. EJ goes on to say that both of them have lost their wives. Chad refers to Sami’s “crazy ass” and EJ reminds him of Abigail’s issues with sanity. Finally, EJ admits that Abigail’s death was tragic, but did not involve him. Chad is directly responsible for the dissolution of his marriage.

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The Emancipation of Ava Vitali? Kayla tells Ava that Jake is dead. Ava asks if she’s sure since she very recently declared Tripp dead before he proved her wrong. (Ava should also bring up that she was declared dead at one point as have many other Salemites. Declaring folks dead is not Dr. Kayla’s forte.)

Ava goes to see Jake to say goodbye. As she touches his hand, what I’m assuming is ghost Jake touches her other hand. She stands and goes upside his head (ghosts are substantial in Salem). She’s furious that he lied to her about the future they had together. She’s alone and it’s his fault. Ava would give anything to have Jake back. He directs her to mourn him for a respectable amount of time and then remember that she is AVA VITALI!

Frenemies: Kate informs Gabi that EJ is after her job, and follows up by telling her about the shares she has given EJ and that Chad’s are not far behind. Gabi does not care about anything Kate is saying. Her phone rings with news of Jake’s untimely demise. They embrace and briefly comfort each other.

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-Kate reminisces about her relationship with Jake over a martini when Paulina arrives. She grabs a cocktail and they toast Jake.

-Gabi bursts into the room and demands to know what Ava did to get Jake killed. Ava quickly explains they were engaged and he was shot in an attempted robbery. Gabi apologizes and reminisces about Jake backing her with the DiMera board. What will she do now that his shares are up in the air? Ava is furious at Gabi who says it’s just business. She eyes the engagement ring and wonders how her fortune would shift if folks thought Ava was Jake’s widow.

-Tony tries to comfort EJ who is nothing but pure snark. He apologizes and says he’s not himself. Tony reminds EJ that Chad is also grieving, but Stefano got like this when he was hurting. Chad returns with the shares, and EJ asks him not to go. Chad explains he has been sleeping in the guest room since Abigail died. It’s not his home anymore.

-Johnny and Allie arrive to learn of Chanel’s decision.

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