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General Hospital Scribe Dan O'Connor Previews Ava vs. Esme Showdown

Ava Jerome, Esme Prince, General Hospital

All hell is about to break out in the Cassadine household over on General Hospital! Now that the truth over Esme (Avery Pohl) and Nikolas' (Marcus Coloma) one-night stand has emerged, Nik's wife Ava (Maura West) is incandescent with rage. And she's pulling no punches with Esme, GH co-head writer Dan O'Connor previewed to Soap Opera Digest.

The scribe shared:

Ava is ready to unload on her. Esme broke up her marriage, targeted Trina [Tabyana Ali], and when she finds her at Wyndemere, Ava is done—done—mincing words with her.

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When the Jerome mob moll stumbles across her stepson's ex, Esme is getting ready to hightail it out of town. And amongst the teen troublemaker's things are clues to her closest-kept secret: that she is the daughter of serial killer Ryan (Jon Lindstrom), who also once tormented Ava. O'Connor added:

So, as this conversation is going on, Esme is gathering up the possessions that could link her to Ryan and [expose] their biological connection—and something in their questions leads Ava to question if Esme has been targeting her from the start, since before she even came to Port Charles.

By the time Nikolas arrives back at Wyndemere, things have escalated. O'Connor dished:

Unfortunately for all parties involved, the final confrontation between Ava and Esme has some deadly consequences that the trio will be doing with for many months to come.