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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victor Manipulates The Events Surrounding Ashland’s Death

The Young and the Restless Recap for July 28, 2022

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Victor Newman, The Young and the Restless

Eric Braeden

New Beginnings? Nicholas is in no mood to chat, but Sally is just looking for Sharon so she can chat about Adam. He stops her as he has no patience for this foolishness. She inquires about his mood. She advises him to go home and rest. Nicholas talks around the Ashland situation, but she’ll hear about it at work in the morning. Sally has made the decision to not accept the CEO position. Nicholas is unclear. Why walk away now? Sally retails him with what she overheard between Adam and Sharon. Nicholas wonders why Sally cares when Adam didn’t consult her before making a rash decision. Where is her self respect? Sally thinks Nicholas is projecting his own mess on her. Just then, Victor summons him to Newman.

Secrets and Lies: Everyone on the security team has been briefed about Ashland. Victor thanks Michael for being loyal to the Newman family. Michael decides to hang with Victor until Chance arrives so they can discuss Ashland. Nicholas arrives before Chance can get there. They discuss that Victoria should press charges against Ashland for assault. Just then, Chance arrives with an update. The car at the bottom of the ravine was Ashland’s. He’s dead (Really? Off screen?).

Nicholas has questions only the medical examiner can answer. Before he goes to leave, Chance asks Victor how he came to be at Victoria’s house? Victor tells him about his security team - which he had not previously mentioned. (None of the story they are telling is completely true, and Michael is clearly clued in to the ruse.) Chance is annoyed with Victor’s evasiveness and exits. Nicholas wonders what Victor and Michael are keeping from him. They try to convince him that saving Victoria’s life (is that what happened?) is more important than what eventually happened to Ashland.

Motherly Manipulations: Summer wants to make sure they aren’t meeting so Phyllis can bash Diane. Phyllis just wants to go back to a time when they weren’t focused on Kyle’s mother. Summer is relieved as her life is a chaotic mess. They decide to drink and catch up. They review some of the chaos - including Chelsea dropping out as lead designer - while Phyllis listens and plots. She wonders if Summer has filled the marketing position she was offered months ago. Phyllis says the move to Genoa City has reignited her interest in the job. Summer sees through her BS and knows this sudden interest is about Diane. Phyllis, unconvincingly, says her interest is about working with Summer! Even if she agrees, Summer is concerned about the problems it would cause with Diane, who is already an established employee.

Setting Sally Straight: Chloe wonders if Victoria and Nicholas rescinded their offer. Sally says she’s a little torn because of Adam. She explains that Adam broke up with her so Victoria would consider keeping her on at Newman Media. Sally goes on to explain what happened at Crimson Lights, and that she would be putting in her resignation tomorrow morning. Chloe is trying to be patient, but (rightfully) appears to be on the edge of an explosion. Sally isn’t resigned to, well, resigning. She needs Chloe’s help to figure out her next move so she doesn’t look like a ridiculous chump. Chloe thinks she ends up looking like a chump if she quits because she is feeding Adam’s massive ego. Surely, Sally won’t throw away the opportunity of a lifetime for Adam’s ridiculousness. Sally agrees with Chloe.

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-Nicholas arrives at Society and tells Summer and Phyllis that Ashland Locke is dead. Summer makes her exit to talk to Kyle. Phyllis thinks there is more to this story, but notes that Ashland’s death assures Nicholas he doesn’t have to deal with his foolishness any more.

-Chloe confirms with Sally that she’s not going to resign from Newman Media. They are still an unstoppable team that will do great things for Newman Media.

-Victor thanks Michael for being one hell of a lawyer and friend. Michael assures Victor that Chance isn’t done questioning the events surrounding Ashland’s death. Victor spins a tale that after Ashland regained consciousness, he tried to flee but then realized he had nothing left to live for and drove his car into the ravine. Michael likes the story as it is impossible to disprove.

-Chance sits in a booth at Crimson Lights, staring at Ashland’s ring, and contemplating the events of the evening.

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