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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chanel Bites The Bullet And Chooses Allie

Days of Our Lives Recap for July 29, 2022
Chanel Dupree, Allie Horton, Days of Our Lives

Raven Bowens, Lindsay Arnold

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Chanel’s Choice: Chanel has called the twins over to tell them which one she has decided to give her heart to. Chanel delays as long as she can before delivering the exciting and devastating news. She chooses Allie!

Chanel explains to Johnny they never got a chance to explore their relationship and she believes they deserve that chance. Allie tries to comfort Johnny and eventually they hug it out. Johnny leaves terribly disappointed, with his tail between his legs.

DiMera Mansion: EJ is talking to Stefano’s portrait when Kristen arrives - ready to move in. EJ wants them to be close again so they can join forces at DiMera and rescue their father’s company from Gabi. Kristen wonders just who that benefits. He explains how he procured Chad and Kate’s DiMera shares. He thinks with him as head of DiMera and Kristen over Basic Black, they could be a force. Kristen thinks the deal only benefits EJ as she thinks she can control Gabi. EJ is not so sure.

Just then, Dr. Rolf emerges from the tunnels. He lets them know that Jake is dead. EJ immediately wants to run to the hospital to stake his claim to Jake’s DiMera shares. Kristen remains with Dr. Rolf, who lets her know he needs her help and she is to come with him right this very second.

University Hospital: Ava and Gabi are arguing in front of Jake’s recently deceased corpse. Gabi wants Ava to pretend she and Jake got married that morning so they can use his shares at DiMera to keep Gabi in control. Ava reminds Gabi they hate one another. She explains the situation - they can succeed together or fall together.

Left alone with Jake, Ava folds his hands and reviews the wonderful pre-shooting events of procuring the ring and their engagement. She places his ring back on his finger and says, “with this ring, I thee wed.” She promises to always remember their magical morning and to always love him.

EJ arrives at the hospital and asks Kayla to get the process started for releasing Jake’s body. She reminds him that Vivian is the next of kin, but she is in prison. Gabi emerges and stops EJ from filling out the paperwork since Jake has a widow - enter Ava. 

Brady Pub: Roman fills Abe in on the latest happenings with Lucas and Samantha Gene, and how Kate knew of Lucas’ deception the entire time. Abe seems somewhat surprised and dismayed when Roman tells him he ended things with her. Abe wonders if Roman would consider giving Kate another chance. He definitively says NO, which leads Abe to remind Roman of what he went through with Paulina’s betrayal. He found a way to get past it and now they are married! The conversation quickly shifts to the governor’s release of the Legion of Doom and how that might impact Abe’s potential run for governor.

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Diva Martinis: Over martinis, Kate explains to Paulina about the demise of her relationship with Roman. Paulina says if Abe can forgive her, there is hope for Kate and Roman. She must fight for what she wants! Paulina uses this opportunity to gauge Kate’s possible support if Abe runs for governor. She’s all for it! With that, Kate downs her drink and heads out to talk to Roman.

Alice Horton’s Living Room: (Did this room shrink?) Chad tells Sonny about his fight with EJ and how he was kicked out of the mansion (although EJ did take it all back). Chad goes on to explain staying in the house where Abigail was killed is too much for him. For now, Jack and Jennifer (where are they?) can help him with the kids. Sonny says Chad and the kids can stay with him at the Kiriakis mansion, and then fills him in on the re-emergence of Alex.

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-Kate arrives at the Brady Pub and embraces Abe. He knew she was with Paulina having drinkers. Kate wants to chat with Roman. Roman says he doesn’t have a hell of a lot to say to her and leaves the room. Abe tells Kate to give him some time and says he encouraged Roman to give her another chance. (I love Abe and Kate!)

-Johnny walks in to find Paulina alone sipping on a martini. He tells her that Chanel chose Allie. Paulina says she was pulling for him.

-Allie and Chanel chat for a bit, but waste little time before celebrating their relationship by hitting the sheets. (Way to go DAYS for going all the way there with Chanel and Allie’s love scenes!)

-Sonny and Chad discuss Alex when Chad gets a call informing him of Jake’s death. He admits he wasn’t that close to Jake, but he was Abigail’s friend.

-EJ and Kayla are stunned by the news of Jake’s marriage. Ava has no time for their foolishness and confirms the marriage. Kayla snatches the forms from EJ and hands them to Ava. EJ and Gabi go at it about this very convenient insta-marriage. EJ leaves as Ava makes arrangements with Kayla to have Jake’s body released.

-Dr. Rolf and Kristen arrive in Jake’s room dressed in scrubs. Dr. Rolf pulls the sheet down, revealing Jake’s face, and says, “are you ready for your next adventure?” Kristen hopes he didn’t lose his touch whilst imprisoned. With that, they wheel Jake’s gurney out of the room. 

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